Sunday, January 4, 2009

Holiday End. Skool reopen

2day.. is the last day of holiday..
2moro.. is the 1st day skool reopen..
1 n a half month holidays gonna end soon.. in abt 5 hours..
skool life gonna start in 12 hours more.. n i haven prepare anything.. =S
for sum reason..i feel hapi..
for sum reason..i feel sad.. >.<
wat make me hapi r boring holidays gonna end veri veri soon.. n yeah! i gonna meet my skoolmates in feel hours more.. miss them so much.. i mah gonna gv them a BIG hug..
hmm.. sad bcos.. holiday gonna end.. i've 2 start study 4 PMR.. n i don't reali feel tat i enjoy tis holiday..
well.. tis holiday.. almost everyday i stay at home read ghost stories.. lurve novels.. watch movies.. on9.. play comp games.. n daydream ^^
i'm so useless isn't it?
tried 2 study bt failed.. haiz.. =.=
hmm.. nvm.. 4get abt it..

hope tat..the new year in skool will be better.. =)

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