Monday, January 5, 2009

1st Day Of Skool

1st day of skool..
skool life started de...
gt 2 meet my friends.. yeah! ^^
bt..... skool was boring.. haiz...
so u can imagize.. wat i do in skool.........
sit at my place.. daydreaming =) lol
well.. 2moro will go hikin.. bring the form one student.. will blog abt it..
its my 1st time..
wonder it will be fun or lame.. >.< color="#ffcc66">1 hot n pretty gurlz.. n sum cute n innocent gurlz.. LOL..
guys? hmm.. i'm nt sure abt tat.. xPP.. din observe guys.. *i mah gud gurlz*.. xD
n 2day..
is Zoe n Meredy's bufday..
Hapi Bufday 2 Zoe n Meredy!

sry.. i onli gt tis pic of her.. gt more prettier pic of her in her camera.. bt i cant gt it.. =)

Hapi Bufday Zoe..

Meredy! Hapi Bufday..
i dun hv the pic wif u lar.. haiz...

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