Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Timeless Truth Instantaneous Brightening Cooling Mask

Guess what arrived at my doorstep during my holiday?
Masks from TT Masks Malaysia

I bet I'm almost the last few bloggers that review about this. Still, all thanks to TT Mask M'sia and Tammy Lim of the Big Mask Review Party, I was given a chance to do a review upon receiving 3 Timeless Truth Instantaneous Brightening Cooling Mask and 1 TT Shallow Nest Mask and 30% off discount voucher.

I guess the postman is jealous of me getting these masks that he took it and use it. Thumbs up to TT Mask M'sia staff's service, they immediately resend me after I contacted them that I still havent receive my masks after so long and afraid that it's lost. This time PosLaju, confirm wont lost! :D

   "Timeless Truth Malaysia (TT Mask Trading) was incorporated in August 2012 to support TT Taiwan's market expansion in Asia. TT Mask is internationally Award Winning Halal Certified Facial Masks. Their core values are "honesty, conscience, love and care.
     New products are invented every year in response to different target groups’ market requirement. With a wide selection of skin care products that cater for different needs from the consumers - facial masks, BB  creams, capsules, skin care product sets and luxurious Timeless Gold Leaf Classic Anti-Aging Premium luxury set, Timeless Truth is definitely the preferred brand of choice."

finally use it yesterday!

time to pamper myself after few days of busy clearing and trying to settle down in Sg Long.

ingredients and instruction of using the mask. 

here a picture of me before applying the mask!

Direction : 
1. Cleanse the face
2. Open the sachet and take out the mask. Adjust mask to adhere entire over the face positioning openings for eyes and mouth. Stretch to attach to ears.
3. Lift up chin layer and attach to ears.
4. Press the mask lightly with both hands until it adheres completely.
5. Remove mask after 15-20minutes and gently massage the remaining essence into the skin.

leave it for 15-20mins. :)

Look! There are still so much essence left after taking out the mask and applying it on my face! I dont wanna waste it, so i apply the essence on my neck and hands too.

After 20minutes applying it! Tadah! Do you realise my face get brighter? :D

Like the name of the mask, it really brighten up my face instantly. The huge difference on my face after applying the mask was that my pores are minimized!! The red scars on my nose due to pimples became lighter. My skin feels so cooling and refreshing when I was applying the mask. The mask is so hydrating that I can feel my face became bouncy-bouncy after the application. 

There are more different range of masks available. Check out their website and Facebook page for more information or to purchase it!

Imma a happy girl now! :D
Can you see the difference compare with the before photo? Vain with the same settings and same place.

p/s: Review is based on my personal opinion :)


missyblurkit said...

certainly looks brighter! the skin has brightened up! Will check it out at the pharmacies:D

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Drop by to said hi, first time visit your blog...

Charmaine Pua said...

The mask is very thin! Good quality ahhh cos can stick on the face better :D

Cutebun said...

I am the blogger that haven't write about it ><

cindy said...

i love the cooling cooling..and thanks for da follow!

Anne Lee said...

finally you blogged about the TT mask!!

Hilda Milda™ said...

I havent even got mine AHA

Henry Tan said...

yer so good! can i do review for that too?

Jean said...

this is good right? i love the cooling sensation. but their silk mask is even better!

Caroline said...

in love with this mask!!! the cooling sensation, the moist and how it brightened up our skin! <3

Xue Ren said...

so cuteee!! and i can't wait to try it out! :D

Unknown said...

hmmm it seems really good! i heard before it's cooling sensation is the best thing u ever felt in any other product!

Unknown said...

Does look brighter ! I also like it muchieee.. :D

sally said...

I'm imagining the cooling effect already!! Sure super syok if you put it in the fridge for awhile first hor. :)

Constance Ant said...

your skin does appears fairer!

hmm macam not bad

Isaac Tan said...

I think i need a mask too :P

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Ken said...

HAHAHA, i don't need whitening masks, i think i need some masks that moisturize my face LOL :P

Camy said...

Missyblurkit, i know right! very nice to use!
Somewhere in Singapore, hi! :D
Charmaine, yess! and i love the essence!
Sherrie, time to do it now! :D
Cindy Tong, thanks and sureee!
Anne Lee, iknowright :X
Hilda, go ask them now...
Henry, sure u can! :D then they'll have guy market!
Jean, really? I shall try out when i wanna purchase form them next time!
Caroline, agree with u!
Xue Ren, u havent try urs?
AnnTan, really? but i really love it!
Smallnhot *high5
Sally, no need put fridge also cool de! :D
Constance, yesss! very good!
Issac, time for mask! and ur baby too! :P
Ken, they have too!

Amy said...

Oh...I love these mask. Those I've got might be different brand, but similar purposes. :) You already got very beautiful skin to start with. How nice! But yeah, these are so convenience to use.

Unknown said...

Wow! I should get my hands on this!

Camy said...

amy, haha thanks! this brand is really nice le! :)
quinn, yes u should :P

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