Friday, May 3, 2013

First time drinking?!

I've been enjoying my life these few days! Utar friends came down Penang right after final, another food trip. As a Penangites, imma partly a tour guide as they totally got no idea where to go. No photo this time cause I only remember taking photo of the food when half of them already in my stomack.

Back to the topic, this trip, my dearest ladies die die also must bring me to drink cause i was complaining I dont know what's my drunk level. So, on monday night, we went to Library, Straits Quay. That was the first time i drink so much. *btw i meant drinking alcoholic drinks*
You must be thinking "Wow, you are already 19th and you never really drink alcohol! so kuai arr :P" It's not that I never drink before, I did, but trying just a few sips each time or those that they mix with coke. I never really dare to take the step to drink cause i'm not sure if i have my dad's genes or mom's. My dad is a good drinker while half a cup for my mom and she is drunk. I'll be dead if i follow my mom!

a Tower of 1664 for four of us :) *I should write this experience to keep as my memories before i forget it*
They forced me to drink a cup one shot when i was tasting the beer. The next second, i started feeling that my lungs are burning but everything seems alright. My face started turning very very red and hot when i was having the second cup and they thought that I was drunk *even I am hesitating so. Once Chiao Lyn and Suki went to toilet, I started to feel that my heart beats very fast and head got dizzy. So Xiao Han asked me took a rest when they are away, we were all sleepy before going Straits Quay. I couldnt sleep at all cause my heart beats hardly and my head was very dizzy. Things get better when i started looking around, then had a walk outside to the loo. For the first time, i saw myself being so red! :O. After that, everything was alright except I felt my head was heavy. I finished up my 3 and half cup tho. I can still clearly remember and know what I was doing. I'm not sure is it call drunk cause imma proud to tell that i still manage to bring them to jiao sai and kayu.

They ordered fruit beer cause I was complaining the heineken they bought earlier for me to try was too bitter. I ended up drank only few sip of the heineken. 1664 was nice, but i still dont get how people release stress by drinking those bitter alcoholic drinks like Tiger, Calsberg...

yes! at least i know i dont follow my mom's genes :X. It was a nice experience tho, looking forward for my second try :O

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Anonymous said...

With your special 'stomack'
No problem, drink your beer
Asking you to drink, what the heck!
If drink, drink small small ya my dear
Wishing you a happy everyday
May God show you the way

Unknown said...

wahh!! first time drink so much o? if give diok me that amount of drink hor, i'll be surely drunk! i heard of the Library in straits quay~! am dying to go there and check it out.
by the way, hw tall are you?

Charmaine Pua said...

Haha I feel you girl! I don't like bitterness of the beers too! But if you drink it cold cold, it's kinda nice

Yuh Jiun said...

Drink more next time! hahaha I dont like the taste also :/

jcjx said...

Hello Camy

Its been a long time since I commented. Sryy! XD Have you tried wine? Heard that its nice. Grape wine sounds sweet. :)


Mindy Fan said...

ohh I remember my first drink! I didn't like it either!
It was at a wedding!! I think there is something in Asian's genes that make us become red when we have alcohol!

Camy said...

Anonymous, haha thanks, sure just drink little by little!
AnnTan, yea first time >< errr very short ne
Charmaine, i know right, but sometimes if add ice will be bitter
Yuh Jiun, so bitter la weii
jcjx, i know right. errr nop i didnt
Mindy, how do u feel after that?haha maybe ma

Blackswan said...

Hahaha! U're so cute! I hate the taste of beer, too bitter for me but I enjoy wines.

Camy said...

haha really? lot ppl hate it