Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mary Kay Makeover

Last Sunday, i published about "One Woman Can" beauty contest organized by Mary Kay in conjunction with their 50th anniversary.

I was undecided whether to join the makeover at first cause I was too shy to go for it. I don't usually put on make up, neither I have any proper cosmetic set. Finally decided to go for the makeover with Shelyn after seeking for my mom's and sis's opinions. My mom said "Big girl liao, it's time to learn" and my sis's responded "Go la, why not? Not that you get to join often. No harm trying" :X

I was given a list of Mary Kay independent beauty consultant list to make appointment with them for the makeover. Meet up with Shelyn then together we go to "Infinity Beauty Saloon" for the makeover on Tuesday night. 

totally amaze with Infinity Beauty Saloon's interior design! So pretty. :D

When I called up Janice, I was told that we have to do this makeover all by ourselves.. I was like "What??!! I dont know how to make up at all leh. T_T..." It's a no touch policy, which means they'll teach us and guide us to apply the makeup ourselves.

Janice started off by applying Mary Kay's Loofah Body Cleanser, Lotus & Bamboo on our hand. It contains kiwi seeds that helps to purify our body. According to her, this helps in releasing stress with their nice scent. She then asked us to remove whatever we applied on our face and clean our face with the cleanser. Janice corrected us with a proper way to clean our face which we are only suppose to use our third and ring finger as the pressure from these two fingers are gentler. We should rub it in a circular motion outwards. Then time for photo of our bare face.

My bare face.
dark eyes circle + eye bags due to final + pms. Pimples popping out cause my face cant used to the weather in Penang.

After applying toner and moisturizer, it's time for cosmetic! Emily came afterwards to help out.
Primer -> Foundation -> Mineral Foundation -> Concealer -> Eye Shadow -> Eyeliner -> Mascara -> Blusher -> Lip Liner and Lip Gloss -> Mary Kay Finishing Spray

Janice introduced us the Mary Kay's products before we start. Janice and Emily were so patient to guide me slowly and teach me the proper way to apply all the products as this is my first time. For example, I should warm up the foundation on my fingers then apply it on my forehead and slowly spread to the other part of my face; It's better to squeeze the concealer on your hand, rub it with your finger, then apply it. This can prevent excessive concealer being applied which can result in looking cakey; Apply your mascara downwards, then upwards, then zigzag can make your eyelashes curl if your eyelashes curlers are not with you.

Ta-dahh! It's done!!
It's my first time applying makeup all by myself! What do you think about it? :D

The scariest moment was to apply eyeliner. I'm a clumsy person, my eyes keep blinking when I was trying to apply eyeliner, almost give up to apply it. Thanks to them that keep encourage me to apply it. 

Before and After ;) Can you see the difference?

It was a fun makeover with Janice and Emily, not forgetting with my partner Shelyn. This makeover is just like a makeup lesson for a newbie like me. So proud of myself!! :D. I think it's not bad for first timer right? *vain vain vain..*

Can't resist to vain when I see such pretty dressing table!

My partner of the night. Shelyn :)

Janice on the left and Emily on the right with us. :)

Thanks to Janice that came all the way from Butterworth to Penang Island and teach us and Emily who came to help out. They are really friendly. Thanks to Mary Kay for giving us the makeover opportunity too! At least I've learnt something new even I'm having sem break. Proud of myself again :P

Penangites, if you wanna purchase any Mary Kay products or wanna go for makeup classes, do contact Janice Oh - 016-5535515 or Emily - 016-4147878. The price of the makeup classes are reasonable.

For more information, please visit or
Tel: 603 7711 7500 or 603 7711 7555


Happy walker said...

huhu, girl looks extremely beautiful when make up~ XD

Adam said...

looks great

Henry Lee said...

wohooo... looks so mature after the make up! :)

Henry Tan said...

lol why tak ajak me.

Rachael Writes said...

Gorgeous even though it's just a simple makeup! :)

Blackswan said...

OMG, u look sooooo sweet! I love the Mary Kay ambience too. Awesome, dear!

Meitzeu said...

So pretty!

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Meitzeu said...

So pretty!

Meitzeu @ Blog

Meitzeu @ Facebook

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Ken said...

Aiyo, make up or no make up also pretty la :P

Constance Ant said...


after make up lagik cantik dah!

but what's Mary Kay Finishing Spray? a spring water spray to set the make up?

Cutebun said...

So pretty Camy! =D

missyblurkit said... look gorgeous!!!

The policy is good. Its an opportunity for us to learn how to handle makeup.

Shopaholic said...

Very nicely done!! =D Wouldn't know it's your first time if you didn't say so. =)

Charmaine Pua said...

Pretty! I'm still struggling with makeup hahaha

LauraLeia said...

You look amazing! It's a great first try at makeup! ^^

Anonymous said...

So pretty, you look soo natural with the make-up on..

Unknown said...

You look great with makeup! :)

Ana Jonessy said...

Heyyyy not bad! I love your simple make up - it really enhances your facial features! x

Josarine said...

Natural and minimal make up is the way to go!

Camy said...

Mr Lonely, hahha and u refering me?
Adam, thanks
Henry, ahha isit a good thing?
Henry, kia we go!
Rachael Teoh, thanks yea :D
Shirley, ahha thanks thanks! :D
Meitzeu, thanks
Ken, awwww thanks thanks :D
Constance, ahah thanks! errr, according to that person, is to make the make up doesnt look powdery.
Sherrie, thankssss
missyblurkit, agree, with this i can really learn :D
j_fishy, really? thankss :P
Charmaine, same here too! :O
Laura, thanksss
azianlicious,thanks hahaa
angeline, thankss!
Ana, omgg seriously? thankss
Josarine, thanksss!