Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Date in GohKaki 五脚基

If you follow my blog, I bet you already know who are they :P
Again, they are the one, Xuan and Mel :D Million thanks to them for allowing me to date them even they are having exam. Cant stop to annoy them to hang out with me cause i miss them too much, partly also because i wanna meet them before i go Sg Long! :P

This time round we found GohKaki 五脚基. 
"Sadly through the course of time this has been gradually forgetten. Today at Gohkaki we aim to provide good value food and beverage along with a unique dining experience with some traditional touches. "
a place that remind you of your childhood :)

part of the interior.
It's a peaceful and quiet place for people to hang around with friends or study or online. They study and i brought my laptop along to online :P

 Tweeting Phoenix :D. RM12.90
The waitress recommended me this. It's very unique. I love how the way they mix minced pork fried, olive oil, soy sauce with spagetti. Instead of common sour-ish tomato spaghetti, it taste little salty. Never knew minced pork can match with spaghetti that well. Worth a try for this!

Mel's Never try never know. RM8.50
it came with our childhood favorite teddy bear cookie! So Cute! It's coffee anyway, taste close to White Coffee.
Mel's spagetti was just like normal mushroom spaghetti tho.

the blogger. :) gonna start with photos tsunami! :P

Oh, she claimed that if sit with us, she will keep talking with us, so she moved away to finish ONE chapter.

Loving this shot cause i look thin :P

ini ca bo banyak cantik lo :P

so we moved outdoor to vain after Xuan done studying One chapter cause its way brighter.
short short chair.

the epic faces :P failed sending flying kiss post.

that little girl beside me

loving this super much! So cute of us! *syok sendiri It wasnt a planned post!

 le Signature post!

Outfit of the day #OOTD
stripe butterfly top : moris
bottom : brands outlet
shoe : Champion Verdi

her pretty prof pic :D

her pretty prof pic too! 

bukan my prof pic. :X

Love this shot too! cause our legs look thinner :O

Before you leave, GohKaki will ask you to write your biodata! Remind us so much of our primary school time when we went around asking our friends forcing those boys to write for us :P

so what you think of this place? nice leh? :P Oh! They have a very cute waitress!
here they are:

GohKaki Bishop 
34,36 Lebuh Bishop 10200 Penang
Contact Number :+604-2629916

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Happy walker said...

nice! especially your friend is there~ wakakaka~ =)

Sycookies said...

Teddy bear biscuit! How sweet. :)

Henry Lee said... so funny! U guys so enjoy and pic taking after! :P

Mindy Fan said...

Those are such cute and funny pics! I love that teddy bear biscuit!!

Constance Ant said...

last time i went they didn't ask us to write biodata :(

LuPorTi said...

Ei? Did they change the design of the shop a little bit? It looks some different than the last time I went.

Anonymous said...

A date in GohKaki
Nice to be in this party
Of three lovely girls
AS beautiful as pearls
Love all the cute pictures
Wish you all bright future

Charmaine Pua said...

Haha hmm Tweeting Phoenix reminds me of Twitter ler lol

Ken said...

Heard of this place before, but the foods don't seem to be unique enough to "attract" me :P

Unknown said...

wow! this place look really nice!! and a great place to take pictures too!nominated you for versatile blogger award! check it out!

Hilda Milda™ said...

Wonder why they call it GohKaki :p never knew there's this cafe in Penang. New place? (:

Yuh Jiun said...

Bring me!!! hahaha

Chuen said...

so many nice cafes in Penang :D

Camy said...

Mr Lonely, hahaha before i post, i was thinking u surely like this post hahaha
Sycookies, i know! its very cute!
Henry, hahaha yessss. must enjoy my holiday
Mindy, hahaha thankss! everyone love it!
Constance Ant, really? aiyoo
LuPorti, errr really? i not sure wor. maybe another part?
Anonymomus, thanksss :D
Charmaine, at first i was shock too, like why twitter!
Ken, just normal lo :P
Ann Tan, yea nice for picture! :D thanks! will check it out soon!
Hilda, yupp, beside the cruise steak house there! :D
Yuh Jiun, u come penang :O
Chuen, i know right!

LuPorTi said...

Where is the first and second photos being taken?

Anne Lee said...

haha... I had the same thought with henry, the name is quite funny..

Camy said...

LuPorti, the other side of the shop le
Anne Lee, got history mia :X

LuPorTi said...

Oh. I try to notice it again next time. Haha.