Saturday, May 18, 2013

Spade's Burger Penang!

"Have you heard of Charcoal Burgers??"
"Oh! The black black burgers arr?"
"Err? yess...."

Charcoal Burger is the latest topic among food lovers especially teenagers like me! Most of my friends had tried charcoal burger but I still don't have the chance. I am just like someone who just came out from the jungle *oh, apparently I just came out from the upgraded jungle, Kampar tho :P*

Yes! Finally, I am proud to tell that I tried that Black Burger at,
Spade's Burger serves their own charcoal handcrafted burgers. They bake their own charcoal bun, create their own patties and sauce with their secret recipe!

I know in your mind now must be telling "Camy stop crapping and I wanna see the burgers now!"

Porky Pair RM9.90
named after the poker hand of a "Pair"
Pairing the pork patty and pork bacon with cheddar.

This Porky Pair is one of my favourite !! :D. I felt in Love with the juicy pork patty! I can feel the doink doink-ness of the patty when I was biting the burger. Not forgetting the yummy pork bacon. You know, the awesome moment when your mouth is full of the juice and sauce that oozed out from the burger  *satisfied*. I dislike burger with dry patty.

Full House of Pork RM15.90
named after the poker hand "Full House"

Are you a big eater? Afraid if everything in single will not be enough for you? Don't worry now cause they have Full House of Pork. This is the upgraded version of Porky Pair. Everything is double for full house of Pork. They come with double pork patty, double pork bacon and double cheddar!!

Queen of Spade's RM15.90
featuring double chicken thigh, double bacon strips and double cheddar and their self-made sauce.

Before I ate this, I already can smell the burger! I am a big fan of chicken thigh and Queen of Spade's didn't disappoint me! Their chicken thigh was tender. The combination of the the chicken thigh, and bacon strips with cheddar and self-made sauce is just nice. They taste really good. I like their self-made sauce too! Most of the bloggers love this. :)

Worrying if everything in double is too much for you? They have a scaled down version too.
Spade's Hot Chick RM9.90
sounds cool right? It features only a single chicken thigh, cheddar but double bacon strips!

the inception concept from 9gag!
As you can see from the photo, this burger is featuring 2 types of mushrooms which are Shiitake and Enoki which are scooped into an upside down (they are both placed above the cheese for picture purposes), deep fried panko-crusted portobello mushroom (the orange one in the middle) and sealed with a layer of cheddar.

Super in LOVE  with this mushroom burger! My Favourite of all. Shroomception is so unique. I love the deep fried panko-crusted portobello mushroom. The outer of the mushroom is crispy but it's boink-boink inside. It didn't makes me feel oily too, I guess it must be the mushrooms that cover the oil well. Seriously I was so surprised and exited once I bite it, they taste too yummy. I Love mushrooms, love this mushroom burger even deeper! Girls, if you dislike those fattening burgers that comes will meat, you can have a try on this! I bet most of the you will like it. 
However, they do not recommend take away for Shroomception as the panko crust will turn soggy after some time, thus ruining its original taste and texture.

They still haven't launch this mushroom burgers, but it's coming soon!! Since it is yet to be launched, the price would be revealed really soon on their FB page, and is estimated to be below RM10.00. *hopefully they'll launch it asap so I can have it one more time before I go to Sg Long!*

Stacks of Patties! xD

It's fire burning!

One of the reason I love their burgers is that unlike many other burgers, their sauce won't spill all over when you are eating it but their sauce is very rich. *Sometimes i find it annoying that the sauce keep dripping when I'm eating my burger*
If you still haven't try out any Charcoal Burger, act fast and have a try at Spade's Burger now! I think it's definitely worth a try! Review are based on my personal opinion tho. :)

happy girl cause she gets to eat Spade's Burger!
showing you my pretty face. Most of my friends spotted my face on Spade's Buger FB page and started asking me about Spade's Burger!

They are temporary located at
2-G-8, Pekaka Square 
(Next to Maxim Dim Sum)
Taman Pekaka, Penang

Everyday: 6:30 pm - 11:00 pm
Closed on Thursday 

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Henry Lee said...

THE BURGER TREENDDDDD! Hahaha... never actually tried the charcoal bun burger but one day I shall go to myburgerlab and try it. Just that I'm so lazy to queue up :(

Anonymous said...

If you are Jane, then I am Tarzan
Having yet to try charcoal burger
I will not give it a miss
Esp the one with mushroom and Cheddar
Now only can give the pic a kiss
Haha, have a great weekend HerYuan

Constance Ant said...

ohhh like quite yummy eh ;)

Imemily said...

hmm aft myburgerlab, now is spade burger, but I'm too never try b4, im not meat lover so im waiting for vege juicy burger, if any in future.

Hope u will visit my blog back or may be let us exchange GFC ^^

Anne Lee said...

they look more of like the ones from myburgerlab leh. anyhow, I havent tried both.

Henry Tan said...

i like the fire burning photo! very nice! haha

Unknown said...

woww the burger looks so juicyyyy !! I can imagine having the juicy oozing out of it by just looking at the photos... >.<

Rachael Writes said...

it seems burger is the latest thing in town?? Btw, those patties look yum* but then do they serve grilled once or just deep fried patties?

Ken said...

LOL, no thank you, not a fan of burgers :P

Mindy Fan said...

ohh I have never seen a burger that looked like that before but it looks/sounds pretty good! I kinda wanna try one now haha!

Hilda Milda™ said...

Come KL must try Burgerlab! They are famous for their charcoal bun too. All the bacon looks overcooked though, black black one (x I think I'll love the shroomception too! Big fan of enoki mushrooms YUMS

Blackswan said...

OMG, u're killing me with these charcoal burgers!! I wanna try!!

Camy said...

Henry, yesss agreee! everyone talking abt burger now! burgerlab gotta queue?
Anonymous, wow hahahaha, should go try! agree with u! the mushroom is yummy
Constance, it is superb
Emily, hahaha but burgerlab in KL, Spade's is in Penang. Vege burger? u should try shroomception! :D Sure!!
Anne Lee, reallyyy? Spade's in Penang lu
Henry, yeng lehhh :P
Sarah. wooo go and try! :D
Racheal, its grilled one leh, u can see the photo below
Ken, awwwww. i love burger
Mindy, yes u should have a try!
Hilda, but they say burgerlab super expensive? haha but it taste good! yesss shroomception is good!
Shirley, come penang again! :D