Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bye Kampar

smile even you are at worst

Updating post while waiting for my dad to pick me up!

Final ended yesterday! Time got upside down during exam as usual, so Sing k section is a must right after final with my dearest to release some stress!! *gosh, for the first time my pimples pop out for exam! Finally I am done clearing + packing all my stuffs. So many things :O. I have to move everything back Penang! The ♥ + hate feeling to leave here. It's already 1 year!!!!

Sem break for a month! Schedule full for the first week! Must enjoy before I move to Sg Long!!! Dont worry, I wont leave this blog alone ;) 

oh! i'm hungry now :/

I'm coming home, coming home, tell the world that i'm coming home! :D
Took this at 1st Avenue's Parking! Oh Penang


Time to keep my lappy! :X

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missyblurkit said...

have a fab rest in your hometown!

Miaw said...

I'm going Kampar soon. All the best in Sg. Long ;D

Adam said...

have a great day

Unknown said...

Welcome back to the island! :)

Anonymous said...

Bye Kampar hello Sg Long
A break from working like a dog
Hope with you nothing's wrong
Keep in touch through your blog

Henry Lee said...

it must be damn good to be able to go back to Penang! :)

Constance Ant said...

home sweet home is always the best!

Chuen said...

Nice picture :D Must be good to be back in Penang after so long ^^

Ken said...

LOL congratz for completing a part of your studies :P

Camy said...

missyblurkit, sure i'll! :D
Miaw, really? all the best! i'll do a blog post about kampar! :D thanks
Adam, thankss
Raheal, thankss! :D
Anonymous, trueee! thanks! keep in touch too!
Henry, yess! feels so awesome!
Constance, i know right!
Chuen, thanks! yesss!
Ken, thanskss

Unknown said...

oh my!!! you study in kampar!? i have some of my best friends there too!

Camy said...

yes! now moving away lu

Blackswan said...

Awesome! All the best, sweetie!

Camy said...