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1 year life in UTAR Kampar

As expected, my result for this sem dropped alot! Result is out, which mean I am going to Sg Long in less than 2 weeks to proceed my degree. This post is all about my 1 year life in UTAR Kampar, as a summary of my 1 year life there and also became tips for new students! Here starts my craps... *another super long post

Cant believe another 1 year passed just like that, a chapter of my life ended - my life in UTAR Kampar. Again I gonna repeat, I took Foundation in Arts (Accountanct and Management). This is a pre-U course that last for a year.

I can still clearly remember how excited I was before I came here. I was eager to move here, leave my home for the first time, wondered how's life out there without my parents, all by myself. I regretted, after everything settled down, and I slowly realised that it's not easy after all. It's not easy to get close to someone. The only thing I did after dinner is online, no one to talk to but face the screens and walls. Loneliness kills. So, I agreed with my friends that Kampar is a jungle. Glad that I still manage to get through it :)

UTAR = University Tak Ada Rehat. Lecturers told us so. Before i stepped into UTAR, I was curious of how my university life will be. Some of my friends in college seems so busy while some seems to be so free and enjoying their college life. When i started mine, I was quite relax at the first trimester. Soon, i really understand why UTAR stands for University Tak Ada Rehat. Its very tiring but i really enjoy myself especially I've met a group of awesome people. Now I have the love-hate feeling to leave Kampar, say bye my foundation life.

Is Kampar a jungle? I think it depends on how you spend your days there.

They are only small part of UTAR.

They have 15 blocks from Block A- Block O and lakes. It's pretty huge! So many blocks there, of course they have enough facilities for you. Multi level silent library, 4 levels to be exact. Numbers of computer labs(oh they slow down the FB server), you can use if there is no class. Dont need to afraid if you are hungry cause we have more than 5 cafeterias or stalls selling foods. Water dispenser everywhere and its free!  Not forgetting we have heritage hall and UTAR version 紫禁城 Grand Hall. Labs, huge lecture halls, tutorial classes are basic must have and lots more... You need take some time to travel 1 block to another. Sometimes it's quite scary if you have continuous class at different blocks.

Every blocks has pretty view of the lake! If you are lucky, you can spot cute otters and huge Lizard in the lakes. 

As for accomodation, there are Westlake and Eastlake.

There are 2 parts in Westlake, older or newer. We usually call the newer part as Harvard area.
Older part - Beijing, Oxford, Manchester and Tsing Hwa.
Newer part - Imperial, Cambridge, Harvard
Price of rental here range from RM190-RM400. Most of the room here has its own toilet (something that most of you concern)! It's better to stay here if your transport is only bicycle. Around 10-15min bicycle ride to university. It very near for you to get to the new town to hunt for food too! Most of the students will be staying at this area and it's easier for you to meet them for homework and assignments. Just a tip from me, according to my experience, it's better to look for private owner instead of management. For me, no matter how bad private owner treats you, it still wont be as worst as management. Take a trip down to Kampar and you can find lots of private owners' numbers on banners hanging outside the houses, jot them down and contact them! If you are not sure how things go, of course you can still look for management. Usually owners or managements will ask you to sign for 1 year contract tho. :)

For Eastlake, it's closer to university and the rental here are way cheaper. However, it's inconvenience there especially for those of you that have bicycle only as your transport. Most students staying there have their own car or motor. Yes, you have Tesco right outside your house, but it's impossible that you have your meal everyday in Tesco right? Very less choice of foods available here and it's very quiet at night. Definitely won't recommend you to stay here if you don't have car or motor.

first photo : my messy room ; second and third photo : after i packed my stuff before i leave kampar.

I stayed at Cambridge throughout the 1 year there. My rental is RM350, slightly higher cause I have Air-Con and everything in my room is new, I'm the first tenant of the room! Nothing much to complain about the room except the Internet connection went horrible on the 3rd trimester and our owner that didnt give us any respond when we complaint about it after letting her know we are moving away D:<. I bet one of my housemate has been manipulating the Internet on the 3rd trimester. D: Let me make this clear, the main reason I agreed to take this room is because I have someone I know beside my room. Dad wanted me to have someone I know in the same house. Once I found out that Sarah coming to study in Utar too, I immediately ask her find a room for me beside her. According to her, when she took a trip there to look for rooms, most of the rooms left are RM300 and above, so why not pay little extra for a room with air-con.

My only transport here, bicycle

Large numbers of students here cycle. Besides bicycle, there are cars, motor and ebike or you can take UTAR bus too.
I enjoyed cycling at first, but it's not nice at all to cycle under hot sun or rain. Imma envy those with car afterwards. If you plan to cycle here, dont forget to get yourself a cap or jacket for hot day and raincoat, you will need it if you dont like squeezing for bus or you feel guilty leaving your bicycle in university alone..
For those with Cars or Motor, you will need UTAR sticker in order to park in school. You need to ballot for the stickers. Good luck in getting it! and RM100 per sticker per trimester.
UTAR bus cost RM0.80 per trip and you can find the schedule on Utar website, bus driver are quite on time tho.
Please be considerate no matter you are walking, cycling, riding or driving. I almost get involve in accidents for many times thanks to those inconsiderate drivers.

first - forth photos : taken with Galaxy W Fifth photo : with my DSLR

Kampar has beautiful scenery! As you know, i'm staying at Westlake. Sun set at West and le house is corner house, so, I can watch sunset everyday! They are so stunning! The view of the lake from university is amazing too. If you have class at 8am in the morning, sometimes you can even watch the beautiful sunrise. Saw it few times when i was cycling to university in the morning for 8am class.

train station in Kampar.

transport balik hometown? Train or bus lo. To me, bus is way better than train. Train can delay anytime and lucky me that got jackpot on the first time i sit train. I reach home at 12 something for that trip kay! Worst of all, I didn't have my dinner that night cause was rushing after class, only a maggi cup on train which cost more than a large laksa in Penang :O! There are once my friend's train got delayed for 5 hours. Imma phobia for train now. :X

Go get taxi number from your friends if you dont have transport to bus or train station. Here I can recommend 1 very friendly uncle, Mr Loke 012-5208186. The current rate to go bus or train station is RM6  per trip, it's better if you share it with your friend.

Lucky me to have whole gang of Penang friends! :D

le mario gang!

For the first time I am expose to do assignment. Besides of those thick papers with full of words, we have some interesting assignments too! It helps so much to fill up our boring study life with fun!

First trimester, I had radioplay for Basic English. We have to stay behind the white board and make our story sounds interesting! It seems fun tho, we are just like those radio DJ talking there. I wonder if others really listen :X.
Second trimester, out of 4 assignments, 2 assignments require us to do Video. Another fresh experience for me as I never really like Video. It's not easy at all. Every member have to understand the story really well and must give cooperation when shooting. It's a must to have a leader/director to direct the every member to play their role correctly.
Third trimester, Effective Communication Skills made me do something i'm really phobia and afraid of, public speaking and drama. Imma stage fright ever since Standard 6 in primary. It's alright for a group together with me on stage but definitely not alone. Luckily i still manage to make through it although I was shivering all the way! All out for my sketch man! My public speaking post - Things We Shouldn't Do After Meals and my Sketch post - Mario in Action

I finally get to fully make used of my Jacket in Utar. It's very hot outside but ka boom, you can be freezing inside lecture hall the next moment.

my first time wearing formal!

What do you think of me in formal? :D Luckily my senior remind me to bring a few formal clothes in case. Yes, dont forget to prepare few set of formal clothes before you come. You will definitely need it for presentation especially for Art students. 

Dont need to worry whether do Kampar have enough food for you, there are lots of food shop everywhere. If you are lazy, you can just da pao rice at the road side outside Westlake. Still after 1 year, we always couldn't decide where to eat :X. Most of the food here are quite salty. I can never forget, that was once, I had my first Wan Tan Mee in one of the shop for lunch. I'm so sorry to say but it was horrible, completely salty! Even I couldn't stand eating it, had it for few mouth and couldn't continue anymore *I hate to waste food, no matter how awful it is, i'll try my best to finish it*
New students, you are so lucky, cause Kampar now has Old Town White Coffee, Tutti Frutti, Blackball. If you are a fans of milktea, there you go, Orchado, Par Tea Time, Bubbleans, Taiphon, Bo Eight Tea and many many more!

If you have a chance, drop by Vegas to try the Obama burger. Thumbs up for their burger! :D

Hungry at midnight? supper? McDonalds Kampar open for 24 hours. Stayed up late once with my gang at MCD till 4am to rush assignments, there are numbers of people inside there all the while, dont worry if you are afraid you are the odd one. There are lots Mamak stall in Kampar that open till midnight too! 3am in the morning and you can find lots of students there, especially full during football season. You can find Roti Utar at Maha Maju! Lorry with fried mushroom, laksa, ice blended drinks, and pao are just outside Westlake that will open till 3am. So, i realise lots of Utar students are owls.

Sing K before leaving Kampar!

Students in jungle also need entertainment kay. We do release our stress in Kbox or The Voice, sing out loud! Skating ring, pool and uncountable CC over here. Imagine CC with sofa, banyak comfortable lo.

My cute small housemate, Sarah Teh!

She is my housemate a.k.a my snow white's cousin from Sarah's dad side a.k.a my cool tuition mate's cousin from Sarah's mom side. I know there are more than 50% that you will read this post, please do and dont skip your part okay? I'm sorry if I scared you off when i found out that you came Utar and asked you to find a room next to yours. I always wanted to find a friend that actually go Utar with me but I couldn't. Mummy's girl and I bet you improved a lot to be more independent during this 1 year in Utar :P. Sorry for forcing you to try to eat those food that you dont like. ;). I'm sorry if you actually feel hurt cause i laughed at you when you cry. *i think it's easiest and fastest to stop you from crying tho* Anyway, I am really grateful to have you staying beside me and accompany me almost every dinner. Thanks for those Leng Teh, mops, broom and many many more. Thanks for letting me to kacao you in your room when i'm way too free. Thanks for being there for me whenever I call you. Thanks thanks thanks... I'll always remember you this funny housemate! Dont forget me too! :D you

awesome course mates!

People always says "在家靠父母 出外靠朋友". My dad had been teaching me to appreciate my friends around since I was small. I finally understand this proverbs well when I come here. I would like to express my deep gratitude to have them in my foundation life! I've made few blogpost for you guys before (and u guys know it too la). Whatever isit, thanks for going through with me! I ya all! Please be perasan that Camy Loves you :D without you guys, i'll be dead here in Kampar :O

Fuh! Finally finish off this long long post! I took few days to prepare this post! Imma need to move forward to another chapter of my life in UTAR Sg Long. Looking Forward to start off my degree life. Salute you if you actually finish reading this! :D Thanks


Suki said...

Fast fast salute me :) I finished it hahah

Rachael Writes said...

woots! I've done reading every single word in your lengthy but informative post! Guess I'll have to refer back to your posts in future, thanks for sharing!!! Never thought that Kampar has already developed so much. :P

Sycookies said...

This is a wonderful post. Such great tips for your potential juniors. The campus is indeed beautiful. But really dead looking. I'm not too sure if that's a good or bad thing. Such mix confusion. Must be that hate-love thingy that you mentioned. Anyhow, moving forwards is always good. All the best with your future undertakings.

Mindy Fan said...

wow!! This is a wonderful post! I think the campus is really beautiful looking!
I am heading to college in two years and I wonder what the dorms look like where I will be going haha.

You guys all look so cute in your photos and I wish you luck in you goals!

Anonymous said...

Your life in UTAR Kampar
Nice place, fond memories
May Sg Long be better by far
For you to pursue your studies
All the best each coming day
May God show you the way

NatashaTing said...

oh my, i truly deserve your salute. read every word. i got interested as my sister studies in kampar too. but hers is Ktar. Nice post on your university life, i'm sure later in life you will be really grateful that you did.

rebecca said...

Congrats for finishing your foundation, Camy! Good luck to your coming degree! =)UTAR really is a Universiti Tak ada rehat. :/ btw, What are course are you taking in Sg Long? I study at UTAR also, PJ campus. =)

missyblurkit said...

Wow...good information for anyone who wants to study there. Good job girl!a

Blackswan said...

Thks for the tour, reminds me of my sch days! Next time I've to worry about my son. Lol!

Charmaine Pua said...

Wow! The scenery is so awesome there! I do agree that UTAR = University Tak Ada Rehat cos I'm from UTAR too haha XD

Happy walker said...

grats on finishing 1st year~~

Miaw said...

Am going to Utar Perak tomorrow. All the best to you in Sg Long!

Henry Tan said...

hahaha cehhh summary shud be short ok. =p anyway really fast! now u are going in degree ad! all the best anyway! =D

Camy said...

Suki, salute salute!
Rachael, hahah Salureee! :P sureee! hopefully it's useful!
Sycookies, thankss! hhahahah, its very pretty now especially those new blocks! :D
Mindy, i know right! u can go down have a look thos :D
Anonymous,Thanksss :D u always come out with poem haha
Natasha, saluteee! :D now u know what's happening there :P
Wei Wei, I'm taking Accounting, what abt u? :D
missyblurkit, thanks yea :D
Shirley, haha singapore should be alright isnt it?
Charmaine, really? awesomee! *high 5
Mr Lonely, thanksss
Miaw, thanksss, all the best to u too! :D
Henry, 1 year in 1 post very good de kay :P i know righttt! thankss

Richard said...
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Richard said...

Hey everyone! If you guys are looking for a room in Kampar, look no further!

Try this website out:

It lists all the rooms in Kampar! :)

Evonne said...

Hi,r u mind to give me ur ex house owner's to me? Cause I really wan to rent a room with air-cond.

Anonymous said...

hello r u still in that uni?is it tiring to walk to the campus wtht bicycle?

Camy said...

Evonne, u can email me at if u still need it :) i'll send u there.
Anonymous, yeah, if u dont mind walking for more than 30min under hot sun :/ quite tiring tho

Anonymous said...