Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mario In Action

my current facebook profile pic
Last Wednesday, 10/4/2013, I had my last presentation in my foundation - a sketch. Since last sem in Kampar Campus, image also dont want liao. *nvm la, people wont see me after that.*
First time involving in drama. It was a fun experience tho :)

and also my last assignment/presentation with my pretty ladies. I'll definitely miss you girls alot. We Laugh, we talk, we gossip, we cycle, we argue, we fight but 4 of us still in a group! awesome! :D

Winnie and Hoi San came over support us and record video too!! :D but video still not with me

back to the topic. So our sketch is about "Mystery of Sleeping Beauty's Death"
Sleeping Beauty! We gotta find out how she is dead. She was praised that she sleep very well during our sketch. cause die de have to sleep there most of the scene haha. :P

The main character, Beast, but wasnt serious at all during the sketch.

The CSI agent. Hang Muda. Hang Tua's Sister. Very cute character :P

Our Forensic Scientist, Sugar Caine, Horatio Caine's daughter. Hoho, she is the best in our group :P.

Mario the fairy. They insists to tie my hair up like this! Imagine i screamed so loud when my friend passed by and look at me one kind cause some of them couldn't recognise well :X. Well, until now I got no idea why my role is there. So not logic. haha

the Rock, butler. A role specially for him :P

*hint hint :P now u know why. hahaha

Yes, he should get a punch cause wasnt serious at all!

a group photo of us! :D

butler complain that my eyes are huge. Imma vain with huge eyes and show him! :D

Take me as a role model! ;)

final on the coming week! :O All the best to me! :D
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Hilda Milda™ said...

So cute! Where did you get your mario costume? Good luck for your finals yeah!

Anne Lee said...

I'm wondering the same question as Hilda. Where did you get that mario suspender pant?

Unknown said...

cute! remind me of my friend! hee
wow, you live soo near usm ==' erm, i followed you via gfc, but damn, my next visit, i saw i wasn't on your gfc i follow you back again.
hopefully you got it!

Henry Lee said...

but mario always get cheated... Oh no wrong castle. The princess is in another castle :(

Adam said...

cute mario outfit

LauraLeia said...

Super cute! :D And the character names are all very creative, hehe~ ^^

Anonymous said...

The character names are creative
You look cute in the Mario outfit
Final exams your next objective
Pray that you will make it

Chuen said...

The Mario outfit is so cute!

Yuh Jiun said...

Hahaha omg so cute! Tie like this everyday :p

Ken said...

Wow, seems like an interesting event, what course are you taking that requires you to disguise as mario? haha :P

Wann said...

Super cute outfit!! haha
Tied your hair up into 2 pony tails make you more into the cute role. hehe

Unknown said...

What course you take? Anyway, Good luck in your final. :)

Camy said...

AnnTan, ahhaha really? :D. yuppie! just 5min away. thankss! followed u too! :D
Henry, but mario still get to save his prince later :D
Adam, thanks haha
Laura,thanks thanks :P
Anonymous, thanks, hopefully will be alright :D
Chuen, haha thanks
Yuh Jiun, no wayyy! :O
Ken, haha am taking foundation in arts, has the subject effective communication skill.
Evelyn, ahhahaha thanks thanks :P
Kharn Yee, Foundation in arts. thanks :P

missyblurkit said...

Uber cute costume!!!

Camy said...

hahah thanks missyblurkit!