Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fortune Biscuit Speaks

I've been busy for so many things lately that i couldn't properly calm myself, sitting on a chair and gets my fingers typing on the keyboard.

I was very busy looking for room in Sg Long. Imma going there in less than 2 months :O. Thought of taking my own sweet time to look for room at first since I innocently thought that not much people will be going there. But i was wrong,  in less than a week, lots of rooms were booked :X. Some of the owners changed their mind to allow only 1 person per medium room which I planned to share. Things just don't go right. Luckily already settled. *fuh

Besides, I've been spending most of my time at my friend's hostel to prepare our last presentation-a Sketch which is on Wednesday. It's totally new for me as I don't have any acting experience. Gosh, can't imagine how it gonna be :X *prays hard that it'll go on smoothly :) 
Last presentation = Final Coming Soon = Sem Break Soon = Go to Sg Long 

My friends and I went in to the HOD's room. My friend spots Fortune Biscuits in his room and gave every of us each. *like a boss. That's the quotes for me in my Fortune Biscuits. I know, most people wont believe it, somehow, every of us get the quotes that speaks about us! Very true for each of us!
"We cannot change the direction of the wind, but we can adjust our sails"

This means so much for me. It exactly suits my situation right now. *it can read my mind?* Everything is already fixed, I can't change the decision anymore but I guess I can change how the way for me to reach it.

Jia You Camy, you can go through it :D

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Anne Lee said...

wish you all the best.. try harder...:)

Anonymous said...

Yes, we can adjust our sails
Do only the righteous things
Avoid what makes the spirit ails
For our overall well-being
Wish you all the best
Success in whatever your quest

ken said...

LOL at the fortune cookies... anyway you should enjoy your holiday to the fullest before you really step into the corporate world, its tooooooooooooo boring ;(

missyblurkit said...

I love fortune cookies. They are always a funny and good read..and somedays hold good lessons:D

Henry Tan said...

wow where to get those fortune cookies? but i heard it is expensive! and nice quoteee!

Charmaine Pua said...

The quote might be a coincidence, but certainly one that matches the situation! =)

Camy said...

Anne,thanks yea :D
Anonymous, again thanks for ur poem :D
Ken, but its true this timeee! haha thankss
missyblurkit, agree agreee! :D
Henry, err not very sure leh
Charmaine, i know right! but we coincidentally get the right one :D