Friday, April 12, 2013

Day out with Princess

Photo credits to the pretty girl!! :D

another long long vain photo post! :D
a day out with my pretty! Wei Yi!
way too pretty and famous and popular that it's so hard to date her out! plan failed for so many times! luckily manage to hang out before we both go kl! 

banyak cantikkk!

I was craving for mille crepe and she never try before, so our destination was Straits Quay! :D
my all time favourite Humble Beginning's Mille Crepe, Swiss Chocolate Velvet! :D

her choice was Lemon Cream Cheese! 
after mille crepe, photo time! :D

i really dont know how to post! #failpost

this is much easier to post :X

the princess want me to wear the same colour shirt as hers. le simple #ootd. 
top : kitschen
bottom : mummy bought from idontknowwhere
Shoe : Champion verdi
loving my new shoe! its so so so comfy! :D 

my turn to be the photographer for this pretty!

want her number? there you go, 012-3456789 :D

if i have a car in KL, i will surely go and find herrrr! :(

tried so many shot but failed for most of it :X

she spammed my camera! :O

#1                                                          #2
#3                                                     #4
time for revenge! she spammed my camera of course i must spam her iphone! :P #girlsbeinggirls

sillyness :D

i stare with my goldfish eyes! :D

trying to look pityfulllll.......

time to give ur eyes a rest now! ;) haha

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LauraLeia said...

Lovely photos! :D I like the mille crepe too, but i prefer the original, or milk tea flavour.

Henry Lee said...

princessesssss... haha! never been to Humble Beginning but tasted their crepes before la. Not really a big fan tho, prefer cheesecake :)

missyblurkit said...

Sweet post! 2 Princesses and sweet desserts!

Hahaha the phone number must have had a lot of boys trying to dial! You cheeky girl!

Anonymous said...

Your friend is not only a beauty
Her phone number is also pretty
How time really flies
April is almost halfway
How are you 'goldfish eyes'?
Wish you a happy everyday

Take care dear!

NatashaTing said...

You guys look so cute, but you don't look of the same age lol :P

Anne Lee said...

where is this place?

Happy walker said...

Anne Lee >>> Stray Quay penang ~

Yuh Jiun said...

Heard alot of good review of Humble beginnings but never been there before. Let's go together when you come KL! :P

Anonymous said...

Love your new shoes too hehehehe!!

Tony Teh said...

You both look lovely!

Henry Tan said...

yer come back also didnt ajak me go out!

Unknown said...

It's always fun having a girl's day out, especially with someone that you are particularly close with! Even funny, silly shots can become super fun <3

We don't have those milk crepes here though, it looks really yummy! <3


Camy said...

Laura. thankss! hahaha i am chocolate lover!
Henry, haha thankss :P. err, i'm not really a big fan of cake but crazy over this :X
missyblurkit, thankss! :D hahahahah maybe someone phoned?
Anonymous, thanks for it! :D i'm fineeee! haha
Natasha, bingo, she is elder than me 1 year old
Anne, straits quay
Mr Lonely, haha thanks for answering
Yuh Jiun, sure sure! :D if i got transport and know where isit :X
Shelyn, weeee like finally got ppl like my outfit? ahaha
Tony, thanks
Henry, mau pergi kl soon deee
mish Berries,i know right! awesome time with girls! :D can always come penang and try :D

Unknown said...

what a great day out with your pretty friend! you are pretty too!!
just happen to stumble across you blog and found that you're a malaysian too!!
let me guess, the photos were taken at Strait Quay!
i'm from kedah by the way! i followed you! i really hope you can follow me back too

Camy said...

Ann Tan, thanks for dropping by! :D yup its straits quay! wow! u are from kedah! i born in kedah!:D where did u follow me? nuffnangx or GFC?

Rachael Writes said...

Humble Beginning! The next time I head over to Straights Quay by hook or by crook I'm gonna try it out cuz I've seen many posting about their tempting cakes :)

Camy said...

Racheal Teoh! yes must go!