Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cute 2D Cartoon bag

edited post

Not Selling anymore

I am really thankful! I've received numbers of emails on asking for more information about these bags and of course manage to get some sales :D! Although not exactly lots of sales but imma happy enough, at least I got myself some extra pocket money! Besides, I'm so proud of myself! I got International Customer! weeee~ My first time doing International Posting, good experience :D! Thanks to that customer that dont mind paying extra for the posting! :D Of course, getting good feedback from them is something makes me very happy! 

Back to the topic, i reedit this post to update you with the latest models 2D Cartoon Bags that still available. :)  

Are you a Cartoon lover? Are you amazed with all those 2D graphics? or are you bored with the normal handbag that almost everyone has it? Wanna has a change or wanna be different from others? Let me show you my cute 2D Cartoon Bags! :D

oh yes. I'm a fan of Cartoon! It's totally a cute, unique and pinky girlish 2D handbag :D *time to be girlish*

This makes me looks young, outgoing and cute! :D

le sister in action!

Gets attracted to them? Guess what?
You can order these Cute 2D Cartoon Bags now!

Interested? Email me at heryuanlau@yahoo.com or find me on twitter CamyLHY or pm me on my Facebook Page Vault Of Camy to place your order and if you have any ques! :D I'll get back to you asap.
Oh! there are other model too! contact me if interested!
They are good quality, cute and very unique

 #1. 2D Blue Cartoon Sling Bag.

 #2. 2D Orange Cartoon Sling Bag.

#3. 2D Cartoon Pink Handbag

 #4. 2D Cartoon Handbag 2 

#5. 2D Cartoon Light Blue Sling Bag

 #6. 2D Light Blue Cartoon HandBag.

Still Hesitating? Faster place your order now! :D

again, Email me at heryuanlau@yahoo.com or find me on twitter CamyLHY or pm me on my Facebook Page Vault Of Camy


Hilda Milda™ said...

They look 3D to me weh, so cuteeee lah! :P

LuPorTi said...

Hey! The bags are awesome!

Adam said...

dang looks like it came straight out of a cartoon, nice!

ms.bulat said...

can fit a lot of stuffs?~

LauraLeia said...

The 2D bags look super cute! And they're great for photos, haha~ :D

Camy said...

Hilda, i know rightt! interested?
LuPorti! Yessss!
Adam, cute right?
Ms Bulat, cause it's 2D, kind of thin, but definitely can put in ur purse, phone, or digital camera :)
Laura, yea yea! cute right

Happy walker said...

this is quite special.. haha

Blackswan said...

Very cute indeed! I'm sure it's gonna get popular.

Xue Ren said...

wow!!! i thought it was fake at first, like u photoshop the bag to urself. haha! it is interesting weyyy! :D

Henry Tan said...

wow the color very sharp thats why it looks 2D right

Ken said...

omg... so unique!! haha, must be the center of attraction when walking on the streets >_<

DWei said...

We ordered one of these for my cousin actually. They look pretty awesome.

Charmaine Pua said...

So cool! Really like photoshopped weh <3

Camy said...

Mr Lonely, indeed very special :D
Shirley, hopefully la hahahah
Xue Ren, yea yea! interested to get it? :D
Henry, cute rightttt? :D
Ken, ahahahahahhahahahah. i know! surely lot ppl will look :D
Dwei, yes! its super awesome!
Charmaine, unique right? interested? HAHA

Happy walker said...

well, no gf, sis married liao, no need this bag~ haha~

domokun said...

AWWWW The bags are incredibly cuteee <3

Camy said...

domokun, yessss! interested to get it? :D

Cutebun said...

But not cheap le. Hehe.

missyblurkit said...

so cuteeee!

gonna PM you for more information!

Constance Ant said...

the bag looks so cartoonish!

Yuh Jiun said...

wooots congrats!!! Hahhaha banyak famous dy lor :P!

Henry Lee said...

I told le gf it's really a bag and she thought it's just a piece of card board...so funny :P

Chuen said...

Wa...so cute! Looks so real...

Camy said...

Sherie not very bad la. haha
missyblurkit, sureee! :D
Constance Ant, it is 2D :D
Yuh Jiun. x famous la haha
Henry, hahahahah most ppl thought so too! :O
Chuen, thankss yupppieee