Monday, February 9, 2009

Wat a day..

2day morning..
woke up quite early in the morning bcos hv 2 go clean the prefect room..
Aniq said it compulsory 4 all the biro bilik pengawas (which included me) *i hate tis post so much ler.. i dun wan 2 be a maid!!!*
fine.. its compulsory.. so i go..
n guess wat?
i reach skool time.. NO ONE IN SKOOL!!! its NO ONE AT ALL!!!
i'm ady late.. how come no one there
the whole skool left me alone...
n tat time.. i reali can feel the feeling of the last person 2 go back home n the 1st one 2 reach..
the skool is lyk haunted.. n it was so scary...
then faster sms ppl for help...
n noe wat...
aniq still on the way................
waited for few minutes at dataran ilmu.. keep on sms friends juz 2 avoid tat i think abt GHOST! lolx..
when i waiting for him 2 come.. my friend even sms me n said the skool is haunted.. =.=
n its so scary when the bell suddenly rang.. >.<
then finally aniq came.. follow by his gurlz.. then jodene come when 9a.m.. then arthur.. after tat khalif gay n shaiful..
now i wonder.. isit the "COMPULSORY" word reali veri "POWERFUL"
lala.. wat a day.. wasted my time 2 sleep..
gossip lot wif jodene n gt 2 noe lot of stories.. lala..

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