Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lonely Valentine's Day

2day morning my skool have cross country run..
another year i cant finish...... >.< color="#ffff00">muscle cramp.. damn it..
n i felt so tired after tat..
so i juz walk fast all the way.. n sumtimes juz jog for few steps..
owh yea.. sry bryan n audrey.. cant gt 2 talk 2 u all.. i noe u guys finding for me....

..skip the price giving ceremony part..

after tat.. stay till 12.30 onli went back home..
lala.. i gt a KISS from Camille as Valentine Present!!!
then i hv maggi mee for lunch.. >.< *ugh.. pity me*
date wif my sofa for few hours then off 2 ttn..
after tat..
last minutes plan 2 EPCC..
its awesome man!
the ppl there is so friendly n active!
i used 2 go there for kid joy club when i was in primory for 3 years!
i din noe gt saturday night life for the teenagers.. so i stop goin there until now..
jodene is the one who bring me there..
met oliver n daniel there.. lol?
we watch sum Love drama..
finish at 9.30p.m....
n now i'm here 2 blog..

tat's how i celebrate tis year Valentine's Day.. lala

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