Thursday, February 5, 2009

Monday. Tuesday. Wednessday. Thursday

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few days din blog de..
always wanna blog bt at last still dunno wat 2 blog abt..
let's c...

i gt a cut on my right sole during Bendahara house long jump practise!!!
i din realise at 1st.. i tot juz the grasses or sticks ter-scrape me..
walk for a while.. i still can feel the pain..
turn my leg n c..
damn.. its bleeding..
its nt juz a scrape bt summore gt a hole there.. >.<
the 1st few days.. when the cut kena water.. its pain! well.. it can suddenly pain also! cacat!
until now still can few the pain abt.. haiz

nth much..
gt nurse came 2 my skool n check our teeth..

the nurse din comment anythings.. she juz say open ur mouth bigger then u can go =0
n so i can blah veri fast.. =p
i cant stand the smile of the room..
its bilik kesihatan..
so normally gt sum smile lyk the clinik n hosp..
dunno y.. i hate the smile so much.. lalas~

hv the unit uniform meeting during de afternoon..
we played the games tat were reali suck..
they tot we r still primary's skool students..
*hello.. do u noe we hv 2 grow! no more childish games lar*
tat is y i say st.john amb in smkbj useless..
feel so regret tat i join tat in my skool.. nt active at all.. *for sumtimes when i'm lazy okay lar..*
for the active wan? can consider abt it..
when they ask us go for sum course or wat.. at least the activities better.. lyk the course i went last time =)
luckily i've joined the scout open troop.. lalas..
i'm officially a scout member now! no longer say tat i'm a st.john member outside.. lolx.. *perasan*

2day.. nth much..
tat's all!

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