Saturday, February 28, 2009


finally i'm in the mood 2 blog abt camporee..
camporee was fun even though its veri tiring..
the 1st day was scout day..
scouts from daerah bayan lepas came n celebrate!
Met XUAN there!
i din noe she's a scout wei..
she was standing 2 places beside me when the assembly.. i was lyk wondering y tat gurlz looks lyk xuan so much from the side view.. kept looking at her until she turned..
was so excited n hapi man!
owh yea..
i'm the "lucky" gurlz.. 3 base tat i take over also gt flour..
even gt participants came 2 me n ask.. "y everytime i c u also gt flour" >.<
n bcos of tis i gt bully from my bj friends lar.. (i also bully ppl actually) xP
p/s: iamsoinlovewifhim

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