Thursday, January 17, 2013

Penang Tour : Day 2 [Komtar, Teo Chew Penang Road Cendol, Humble Beginnings Straits Quay, Seoul Garden Auto City]

Second day of Penang Tour. Suki join us on this day, driver of the noon ;). Check out my Penang Tour : Day 1 if you haven't :).

went round around the town area and Komtar - Penang tallest building, which also represents Penang before fetch Xiao Han from Jetty. 11/1/2013

So our first stop and also our lunch, Teo Chew Penang Road Famous Cendol very near to komtar. you can have laksa there too!
This place is my dad's all time favourite place to eat cendol, been eating here since i was small. I've tried cendol from different places but still this is my favourite :D. There are 2 stall, don't get to the wrong one, go the one with photo of Phua Chu Kang. haha

 Straits Quay the next stop. Chiao Lyn, Me, Suki :D.

 hohoho!! Craving for this mille crepe badly from Humble Beginnings. *blog about this before* French Vanilla flavour.

and my lovely Swiss Chocolate Velvet :D
never get bored eating them :P

that girl from Ipoh

Yours truly.

 spent our noon hanging around there. :D
Suki, Me, Chiao Lyn, Xiao Han.


rushed back to Suki's house to drop her car, totally afraid that Penang Bridge will be jam and we ended up stuck there for hours.
Since we are in Butterworth, decided to dine in at Seoul Garden Auto City. My second time to Seoul Garden.

always love steamboat because i can take all i can, eat all i can and eat how long i like. :D. imma growing sideway. :X 

totally full after 2 hours eating :X. group photo before we went off.

did we scare you off?
all of them overnight at my house on that night :D

stay tune for the last day which is day 3 :D


Hilda Milda™ said...

I didn't get to try the laksa at the cendol place, maybe I should next time :P

Wann said...

I miss penang's char kuey tiaw even though you did not show it in this post. hahaha

jcjx said...

Hello Camy

Looks like you really had lots of fun! I like how you took the photos of the cakes(?)/confectionary(?) and other foodstuff. I am quite certain they taste nice from how you described them. The photos you took really enhanced the potential joy from eating the food. Maybe you could consider being a freelance photographer for food-shops, eateries and restaurants. I think after they put the photos you take on their signboards, they would really have greatly increased customers/patronage. :)

And of course, the photos you take of you and your friends are amazing too!

Best Regards

TheJessicat said...

I never fail to be happy seeing photos of KOMTAR! :) I miss my lil penang. Was also planning to head back this CNY to try the crepe cake haha!

Charmaine Pua said...

Suddenly, I miss Penang so much!! XD

DWei said...

Ugh, so much good food... I'm really jealous. I haven't eaten out in a while...

Yuh Jiun said...

bring me walk around when I go penang!!!!

Ken said...

u should try humble beginning's peanut butter cake, i don't fancy about their cake much actually but yea, try peanut butter out :)

Camy said...

Hilda, go try go try!
Evelyn, cause i dont really like char keuy tiaw. we didnt go eat @@
Jcjx, hahaha! thanks alot! :D. glad that u like it! i am bad in describing anyway. hahah still not so pro la. those take photo for food-shops need lots of equipment for lights le. :D thankssss
Jessicat, woo! rarely ppl like komtar tho! woooo welcome :D
Charmaine, come again :D
Dwei, awww. why didnt u?
Yuh Jiun, sureee! let me know :D
Ken, really? but i dont really like peanut butter, maybe should try next time

Nick Chan said...

I prefer mille crepe at 12 cups. =D

Camy said...

i still prefer humble beginnings hahaha