Monday, January 21, 2013

Penang Tour : Day 3 [Gurney Drive, Moo Cow Paragon, Pik Nik]

It's the third day of our Tour! 12/1/2013
Penang Tour : Day 1 [Lim Jetty, Meet Fresh, Sip & Chew]
Penang Tour : Day 2 [Komtar, Teo Chew Penang Road Cendol, Humble Beginnings Straits Quay, Seoul Garden Auto City]

decided to stop here to enjoy the wind and have some time relaxing. Gurney Drive. All was too blur cause slept at 3 and woke up at 9.

4 of us :D

they accompany me through ups and down during my Sem 1 and Sem 2. :). friendship bond gets closer and better. I'm glad to have them around. Facing this sem with them too! Sadly gonna leave to Sg Long soon :(

moved on to Moo Cow Paragon as I was craving for frozen yogurt. :X. I'm a big fan of Moo Cow and Tutti Frutti. :D

Chiao Lyn's photography.

haha. the cute Suki. :D

the ugly yogurt. :(

Me Moo Cow :D

Queensbay after that as we have no idea where to go. :X. Window shopping around to killed time, and we had Hot and Roll :D.
Time flies very fast, time for dinner!

here we are! Pik Nik!
15, Nagore Road, Penang

colourful interior! :D they have sofa so you will feel comfy :D

Xiao Han's Bolognese Spagetti :D RM 12

while waiting for our food.
they provide some cards games or simple games for you to kill your time and chill with your friends there :D

Chiao Lyn's Waffle Bacon. RM13.

Suki's and mine Cheese Bake Bolognese. RM15. Oh yum yummmm

Did Shape Domino before we blah :D

sent Xiao Han and Suki off to Jetty after dinner. Our Penang tour ends, which mean gotta back to Kampar the next day.
The 3 days was real great and awesome with them!
Oh i miss penang now. :(


jcjx said...

Hello Camy!

Wow, so much fun in 3 days! Here's another poem I've written for you :) This time to join you in your enjoyment of the tour, and help you mark a beautiful close to the 3 days.

Here it goes..... ~~~

3 Days of sightseeing and foodtasting, removes some of the heart's emptiness.
3 Days of fun and laughter, overflowing with joy and happiness.
3 Days spent with friends you love, gives you warmth and the feeling of togetherness.
3 Days of great awesome memories, well, that's something really priceless!


Maybe you could give the poem a title?

Thanks for sharing your tour with the readers!

Best Regards

Adam said...

frozen yogurt is great

Anne Lee said...

wah, so creative. I would never thought of doing this kinda heart shape, that's creative.

Nick Chan said...

Pik Nik is fun place! But some times it gets too crowded and pretty hard to chat with friends.

And I haven't try Moo Cow before!!! Haha, wanna try it next time already.

DWei said...

Bacon anything + Frozen yogurt.

What more could you want?

Blackswan said...

That's so fun to have games while waiting for food! Wish more restaurants will do that, then no one will complain about slow service. Lol!

Camy said...

JCJX, thanks for the poem! appreciate it! :D
Adam, yessss. tasty.
Anne, coincidentally we did want :D
Nick, agree! sometimes they laugh too loud that actually affects us :X
Dwei, yessss! best of the best haha
Shirley. hahahaha agree u with u :D

Ken said...

what a busy day! LOL, but i guess its a good thing that you are free and get to hang out with friends. I find Moo Cow a bit pricey tho

Camy said...

Ken, agree with u. but it's quite a lot actually