Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Looking back at 2012

Today is 31th Dec! Another last day of the year. Cause my Christmas Celebration was to celebrate with notes which was kind of emo, I annoyed my childhood friends to get permission from their parents to go for countdown just now :D. *promised to be back right after my exam but due to emergency, last min have to go kl right after my exam, today early in morning, 3am only reach penang :O*

I dont usually do a post to recap what i did for the whole year during New Year, but I decided to blog about this year as I think there are numbers of new things happened this year for me :D

So First and Foremost! I'm finally 18th this year! Except for the fact that i'm allowed to officially go for 18 and above movie in cinema *i bet most already tried that even before 18th*, I'm out from school and I'm older one year, there's nothing special for being 18, it's just another year of my life. :)

yeahhh, something I did that I still feel proud of it. Finally get to go to Singapore to travel, for almost 1 week. My first step towards my dream- to travel around the world, starts from the nearest country :D. and I did it with my snow white, only both of us, without family or big group of friends. Thinking back of it, I still salute myself for being so brave to travel all the way to oversea with only one friend. First time travelling without adults, and it's so far away :O. Only 18, and with our financial and stuffs, I made it! Of course thanks to my parents for allowing me to do that and sponsor me :D I was suppose to pay the expanses there myself, cause i spend super less over there, dad just sponsor me.

Another happy thing, First time getting on Airplane! :D Of course is to go Singapore. Ah, like finally... Still remember when i was young, my ambition is to be Air Stewardess so I can travel around for free and always get to sit Airplane. I think most girls thought about it right? Always don't get to sit Airplane cause time always clash for my family to go for oversea. Snow white brought me in. The feeling to be on air, above the clouds is so different! It was so awesome to fly in the air! Thanks daddy for sponsoring me too :P

I've started working since I found out that I did not get First batch for National Service. Started immediately, with the previous camera company i've worked for, working throughout my whole holiday which was from end of December to starting of May, before i starts my uni life in Kampar. FYI, I'm not desperate, I can starts any time because this job is much more free and I don't have to work every day, averagely 3 or 4 days per week, except when there are lack of part timers. Everything was fine and went very well except for my salary that they drag for almost half a year to pay me and a fair, the biggest fair- Eye On Canon, i was expecting to learn a lot of positive stuffs there, no matter how to sell, how to serve customers well, but I was totally disappointed. In fact, i've seen lots of negative things, how people play with their "talent of speaking" to sell the products, so many 2 faces people over there, how ridiculous many customers can be and blah blah blah. Still, i'm glad and thankful that i found some true friends who willing to help me when i met some problems during the fair :D 

Finally get myself a Smartphone. Another phone that i pay for myself. Mom did sponsor a little for my previous and this phone. Of course it's definitely not as good as iPhone, or Galaxy S3 or Note2. It'll go lag after a few months and i used it, and the battery couldn't last long, but i was still okay with it, being patient with it. Until this few day, this phone gay with me. :O. The battery kembang and yeah, once the battery got lower than 50%, it'll auto off, on it back and it'll off again ^&*(!@#. Considering a new phone or wait until it officially dead? *headache*

I finally get to experience moving house! :D. The last time i moved was 3 years old, you dont expect me to remember about i.  I moved from 10th floor to the 12th floor at the same block. You must be curious why same block but different floor only? Let me tell you the differences, 12th floor is penthouse, it has more rooms and it has a huge balcony :D. I finally can have my own room, alwasy wish to have my own room cause i used to fight a lot with my sister, how can i stand to stay in the same room as her? It was a sad thing as i just stay for 1 week and i've to move to kampar :(. Instead of sleeping in own room when i am back to Penang, i'll go invade my parents', bro's or sis's room together with my sister, moving here and there from room to room. :X

My Huge balcony :D. Sorry for the low quality photo, took it with my phone randomly.

UTAR- a huge change of my life. Waved bye to school life and started my uni life in Utar, Kampar on 28th May. Super huge different between school life and uni life. No more teachers, instead we have lecturers. No more daily homework, but weekly tutorial and assignments. No more school uniform, but you have to crack your head everyday what to wear to uni. No more oral but presentation. No more classroom but lecture hall. No more continuous class from morning till noon, but class with lots of break in between and sometimes will be boring during break. No more textbook but lots of notes. I'm glad and grateful that i've met few awesome friends that been through ups and downs with me from the first semester :). 

Another thing is to leave house, family and friends in Penang to study so far away. I was exited about it, cause i think i'm more to a independent kid but the mix feeling of can't believe it happen so fast, so soon to leave them came by when the time getting nearer and nearer. I've to prepare everything myself, clean my room myself, wash my clothes myself, cook myself for my meal, settle my own transport myself including how to go uni and coming back penang. I finally realise how pro my mom is to settle everything for so many of us :O.

First time getting on train, which was sucks experience. It took 5 hours to reach Butterworth compare to bus which only 3 hours, excluding the time for me to sit ferry and back to penang. :O. Maybe i'll need it when i move to Sg Long study next time, heard that train from KL are much faster.

not forgetting, getting in touch with friends I love in penang is always the best thing ever. Although we dont keep in touch 24/7, but they always feel my schedule and make them pack whenever i'm back in Penang. Feeling awesome that i have someone who are worth joining and those who are my true friends. Felt so sorry tho as my family complained that i always not at home even i'm back in Penang :O. I love you guys too! :D

anyway, Happy New Year! May 2013 be awesome to everyone! :D
another single year :X


Anne Lee said...

wow, you flew to Singapore, so shuang. Being in utar and the life of staying apart from your family for the first time ain't easy, be strong girl.

LauraLeia said...

Looks like an exciting and eventful 2012 for you :)
Happy New Year! :D

Adam said...

have a great new year

Happy walker said...

Happy New Year 2013~ =D

Yuh Jiun said...

Wow like so adventurous! Haha I've never been to Singapore leh sad :((((

LuPorTi said...

Wow. A nice review of your year 2013. Happy New Year to you. May you have a great year ahead.

Blackswan said...

Thks for sharing your 2012 with us! You're almost the same age as my son; he's 17.

Well, hope your dream of becoming a Stewardess come true like me. It was an awesome feeling when u get thru the interviews, training & started flying. I was with the airline for 7yrs & it was the best part of my life! All the best!

Henry Tan said...

Happy New Year camy! =DD

Camy said...

Anne, yes i did it alone! :P. i know right! you too!
Laura, thanks! YOu too!
Adam, same to u!
MrLonely, Happpy New Year!
Yuh Jiun, i think so too! u should get a chance :P
LuPorTi, thanksss :P you too!
Shirley,wooo really? i'm one year elder! i cant la. too short :X
Henry, u too! :P