Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Final strikes

People happily enjoy Christmas, partying, shopping, playing, drinking.... I am stuck in kampar to face my final. So final starts today... Poor little Camy. My heart is not together with me when i'm back to kampar, it stays in penang celebrating christmas :O and my Management is dead now :X

say hi to this Kecik! Its her Birthdayyyy!
Happy 18th Birthday little girl! you! :D

Invaded her house before i'm back to Kampar for a little, simple surprise for her.At her house. With her fierce dog, name Honey. Hope you love it! Miss you guys and curry fish head, and supper time :P

will be back after my final :D looking forward to celebrate my new year. to celebrate with friends or family? who wanna celebrate with me? :D


Happy walker said...

merry christmas~

Rachelle Yen said...

all the best :)

Adam said...

happy holidays

Charmaine Pua said...

Your finals over ady right??
Now enjoying ur freedom? :D

FiSh said...

enjoy your holiday and have a great time during the end of 2012! :D

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Anne Lee said...

don't sad don't sad. till when is your final?

Chuen said...

Good luck for you finals :D

Nick Chan said...

Good luck to your final exam!!! =) Cheer!

Jayren Kwan Hann Yaw said...

All the best in your final exam ! =D

jcjx said...

Hello Camy

This is late, but... Wish you Belated Merry Christmas! :D

All the best for your finals, and hope you can have a good rest after the finals!

Psst.. Its holidays right? hehe.. Maybe visit Singapore? ;)

Best Regards

jcjx said...

Happy New Year Camy!!

I've written a new year dedication blog post for you on my blog. Do take a read if you're free or at least not too busy :)

Happy new year to all the blog commentors too :D

Best Regards

Camy said...

Mr Lonely, You too!
Rachelle, Happy New Year!
ADam, thanksss!
Charmaine, just over not long ago :O
Fish, thanks! you too! :D
Anne, err ended on 29th
Chuen, thanks! you too!
Nick, thanks alot yea! :D
Jayren, thanksss
Jcjx, its just a short short holiday. :X. and $$ to sg! :(
aww thanks for the post! :D