Monday, December 24, 2012

Santa Claus in my blog!

Merry Christmas!!!!!
Santa Camy drew this specially for her beloved readers, friends and family cause i was too bored when i'm studying. this is Christmas present for you people! hope yea love it :D *oh, sorry for the lame present. failed to draw the snowflakes :X. looks like fishbone?

allow me to vain please. :X. what a sad Christmas for me cause final on the next day of Christmas. and I couldn't feel the Christmas. Now i miss walking around the mall especially in KL and listen to all those Christmas songs they play and sing along. :(

sharing with you a very cute Christmas song by The PianoGuys:) Rudolph 
*salute him, the way he plays it :D*

final tomorrow. all the best, camy :)


~Joeanney~ said...

The way the guy play the piano is so cool, haha. Anyway merry Xmas to you too :)

Blackswan said...

Thks for visiting Shirley's Luxury Haven! I'm following u now at GFC & would love to have u follow me too :) Merry X'ms to u & family.

Happy walker said...

Merry Christmas~

Ken said...

Merry Christmas Camy :)

Nick Chan said...

There's not many Christmas feel in Penang, or perhaps I am not really a Christmas person. Haha. Anyway, still wanna wish you a Merry X'mas. =D

Anne Lee said...

aiyo, so unlucky one... utar never cares about festivities.

Camy said...

Joeanney, i know righttt! you too!
Shirley, i followed you too :D
Mr Lonely, hohoho
Ken, you too :D
Nick, hahah really? i dont get to look around, thanks and u too!
Anne, i know righttt :(