Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Humble Beginnings & Marshall's Burger & Post Cafe

Hunted Penang's great foods and new cafes when I was back in Penang 2 days continuously with those awesome ones! Spent so much on the food trips, definitely worth it, definitely grew sideways too!

On Friday, 7th Dec, went out with le pretty and cute ladies :)
Humble Beginnings in Straits Quay the first stop!
been craving to try their Mille Crepe badly when they started only do their business online, even before they own a shop! They only sell one whole cake instead of pieces online, so, always don't get to try them out. :(. Finally they own a shop in Straits Quay tho.

Xuan and the blogger.
took photos before the cakes were served.

too long never meet my girls, they were too busy for their A-Level's exam. Their exams lasted for more than a month and finally ended when i was back last weekend!

French Vanilla, their signature flavour. RM9.90
oh when the thick vanilla but definitely not too creamy, thin layers of crepe, the slightly but not too cold mille crepe melts in your mouth........
won't regret trying on it!

Swiss Chocolate Velvet, my favourite. RM9.90
As I'm a big fan of chocolate, how can i not try out their chocolate mille crepe?
Double thumbs up to the rich but not greasy Swiss Chocolate Velvet mille crepe!
Although the French Vanilla was great too, but it never beats my love towards chocolate. Of course if two slices at once are definitely perfect for me! *too tam jiak :P*

Raspberry Cheese Yogurt RM 9.90
for those sweet and sour lover. The combination was just right.
But it's just not my taste cause i don't exactly love way too cheesy foods although i love cheese, few mouth for me will be alright.

have a walk at straits quay before we moved on to our next destination. FYI, it's gonna be full of our photos cause the 2 girls just took my camera and take numbers of photos like nobody business!
They wanted to wear dress together. It's super hard to see me wearing dress. :O. I think it's their first time see me wearing dress actually.
I think i own this dress since I was in primary school. Can't believe i can still wear this. I don't have nice casual dress :O Love the dress's materials.

Mel my pretty girl

Xuan my cutie
love her colourful dress. :P



okay okay, i've to admit it. I already grew sideways :X

my hair yeng right? :p

3 of us

wanted to dine in Tofu Cafe but it was closed.
totally curious of the interior of the shop. One day i shall drop by here.

since it was just at the heritage town area, took some shots before we left.

i jump! :D

Imma wanna fly~

oh opps! so cute of her! :3

Marshall's Burger next! 
the hot topic when people talks about burger in Penang lately. From a stall to shop that needs to wait for more than an hour for your burgers!
we decided to go somewhere else to wait cause there are no place for us to sit and need wait for at least an hour. :O
Marshall's Burger is located along Jalan Burmah, right before you reach Penang Plaza. Don't forget to turn in Jalan Nagor (way to turn in Pik Nik) to park your car or park in Penang Plaza cause extremely limited parking there.

get some drinks here to kill our one hour. Pik Nik

Our Battery went low here. Over-high in the afternoon.

get back to Marshall's Burger after one hour and finally get our dinner after a little while.

My Bacon Special with Chicken Thigh RM8.90
the yummy combination of bacon and chicken thigh. It's neither too hard nor too soft, it was just right. Love it! :D

Mel's Bacon Special Beef RM8.90
the beef taste was just right. i like it too! :D

Xuan with her chicken burger which cost RM7.90 sorry i couldn't remember what it's name :X
worth waiting for them! 

Didn't take photos for second day's food trip as i was too hungry to finish up the foods when i reach every shop! but there's one shop that i must recommend!
Post Cafe!
They have various of western food, chicken, fish, lamb and steak, pasta and..........
I ordered Honey Chicken and it comes together with 2 side dishes, spagetti and mash potatoes. They are all very very very yummy! My friends love their foods too! I personally prefer them over Harvest Inn. Oh! The price is reasonable too! If not mistaken, mine was only RM11.90. :)

it's photo from my phone :X
the interior design of the shop with post as their theme. simple yet unique.
located at Jalan Perak, Jelutong.
definitely go back there if i have a chance :D

listed Marshall's Burger, Humble Beginnings, Harvest Inn, Post Cafe and Pik Nik in Must Try list in my phone. Complete them all in those 2 days. unbelievable. :O
p/s: i miss those foods right now. D: writing this post makes me drools 


Anne Lee said...

you finally wear dress!!!!!! and that picture, the photoshoot kind is nice.

Adam said...

that's a pretty cool cafe

Ken said...

I have been receiving plenty of complaints from readers about Humble Beginnings Penang being below par, the cakes were way too soft as if they are going to collapse, my 1st time experience was okay, 2nd time experience wasn't too good, bad texture...

Wann said...

I like to ask my girls to wear dress together too. That makes us more feminie. hahaha Put on some make up would be nice! lol

Happy walker said...

your friend quite beautiful leh~ XD

Hilda Milda™ said...

I wanna try Marshall's burger too and yessss I think I'm gonna miss piknik when I'm back in KL )):

jcjx said...

Hello Camy

You look great in dress! Wow from the photos seems you're having a good time :) haha Although now is my holidays, but i'm working part time =X Lol.. Thanks for introducing the food. If i get a chance to go Malaysia I'll definitely try the food.

Best Regards

FurFer said...

The burgerssssss. I have been wanted to try that

Henry Tan said...

wow marshall and post cafe i still havent go!

Camy said...

Anne, yes yessss! like finally hahaha! thanksss! :D
Adam, yesss! lovely place!
Ken, oh really? cause i never try the online want, but at least better than the twelve cups somehow,
Evelyn,really? awesomeee! we always said but ended up won't work. haha! we dont know how to make up :X
Mr Lonely, i know right :)
Hilda, You should go try! its niceeee! awwww! dont worry, can always come back :D
jcjx,thanks yea :) yup i had a great time with them, ohhh! sadly can't read ur blog, sure sure! must come!
Jeniffer, come have a try!
Henry, go try laaa! niceee! but marshall need to be very free haha!

Nick Chan said...

I prefer Mille Crepe from 12 Cups. =DD Thanks for sharing Marshall and I guess it'll be my next place to visit. Hehe.

Camy said...

ohh! i dont like it! it's too greasy for me! :X you should go try, nick :D

YiTing♥ said...

Love your shoot. :D want to have a try on post cafe after seeing your post hehehe :P

Camy said...

YiTing, sure sure! go ahead and try!! :D

LuPorTi said...

Wow Marshall's Burger... My friend just told me about that yesterday.