Saturday, December 1, 2012

Chill and Smile :)

-cause i have the siao gene-

Hello December. :)
hohoho. assignments, tests, presentation all ended yesterday. Bye bye to them
Extremely good mood now.
Few weeks to final. Imma gonna leave Final aside and enjoy to the fullest first. I need to have enough rest and relax myself before i got stress out due to all those assignments, tests, and presentation.
Went to sing k, supper then friend's hostel till 6 morning today :O *oh i just can't believe i did it* and drama marathon starts. oh more to go...  :D

p/s: final is on one day after Christmas, oh noooo, this year no Christmas. :(. I want Christmas and year end sales! jeans in kampar getting thinner. Mummy don't want help me buy but ask me to buy myself :O


Anne Lee said...

so do i, relax first.. will recharge and put 100% effort on finals.

GenYong said...

yup relax it first... Don't stress yourself too much, you're human too, need rest one. Wow! What a great Saturday night right? Well all the best for your final and Christmas it was too bad you can't back to Penang :(

Henry Tan said...

all the best in ur assignment, presentation and final! =D

jcjx said...

Hello Camy

Have a good rest, and good luck for your Finals! I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts during your holidays (you'll blog more during holidays right?) ! :D

Best Regards

FiSh said...

all the best in finals :D

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Camy said...

Anne, hahaha! u guys get to celebrate christmas! all the best anyway! :D
GenYong, sure i will! :D yea lo. dont get to celebrate in penang :(
Henry, thanks thanks hohoho
jcjx, haha am not having holidays yet. self-declare ne hahaha!
Fish, thanks alot yea!