Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sisters Madness

that's what happened when i tried to take a proper photo with my sis
and ended up we gone wild. :X

i guess she just cant stay kuai kuai and let me take a proper pic with her :X

sometimes she will just makes me hate her
and at times very lovable

the naughty little girl that super protective over her family

oh! i'm leaving for kampar Utar so soon. 
i guess i will miss this bad girl :'(


Xue Ren said...

aww! so sweet of ur sis!! u will miss her, definitely! :)

missyblurkit said...

sisters! I am sandwiched between 2 and they are certainly lots of fun and love...not forgetting pain on some days.

LauraLeia said...

Your pics make me wish I had a sister too! >__<

nicccchang said...

dont worry . kampar and penang so near! You can go back penang every weekend.

Jensen said...

Hello Camy

Sorry for not leaving a link. I used to blog few years ago, stopped due to some reasons. But I might start blogging again soon. Will put the link here once I am done? :) I'm trying to do something about music too! So look forward to it k?

Wish you a happy end-of-May/pre-June! :D

Best Regards

Camy said...

Xue ren, yea lo. miss that naughtly lil want.
Missyblurkit, me toooooo! *hi5*
Laura, you dont have one? sad :(
Niccchang, everyweekend expensive nia :(
Jensen, oh its okay. do tell me if u start blogging back kay :D. coolllll! music!

Nath said...

I think you more crazy than your sis LOL

Camy said...

Nath, haha mad right?