Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Eye On Canon

oh yes yes! it's one year once super huge Canon camera fair! Eye On Canon!
it'll be held in Gurney Plaza from 1st-6th May!!!

trust me, you can have lots of great deal if you purchase camera here!

this is only one of those awesome deals!

not to forget, Simon Yam is coming over too!
on 1st May, 12pm!
don't hesitate anymore! if you want a camera! grab it here!

p/s: you can find me over there! ;D


HouHouSek said...

ah penang.. i stay at kl T_T

nicccchang said...

which date you going!!! I want meet u up!! >.<

Anne Lee said...

same here, staying kinda far from penang. but that's really a good deal.

Karen90 said...

Wah, gurney plaza!! I WISH TO GO!!!

Camy said...

HouHousek, its okay :)
Anne, aiyoooo nvm
Karen, can come :D