Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pixus oh Pixus!

thanks for allowing me to enter this company and gave me chances to work with you guys :)
i never expect that part time job life could be this awesome.
it's my pleasure that i get to work with you guys, seriously.
giving me experience of work and allowing me to see what's call reality.
been through ups and downs.
Thanks for bringing me go around Penang and get Ho Liao. *oh i miss tom yam now :X*
Thanks for the farewell. Thanks for the supper.
i miss you guys. :(

Sorry for not updating for such a long time, school started, still busying get used to the life over here :X


Henry Tan said...

haha u also know u long time didnt update huh? well u got ur phone! snap some random photos of ur school life! let me how are u doing over there! =D but ofcoz u are so friendly, so definitely im not worry at all. haha

FiSh said...

what kinds of restaurant have such nice deco? :D i wanna go too

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Anne Lee said...

hope u can get use to with kampar's hectic life.

missyblurkit said...

hehehe was wondering what happened to you. do blog as much as possible. love the pics that you put up!

LauraLeia said...

All the best with your school life! :) The restaurant looks really cool btw. ;)

Camy said...

Henry, teeheee. posted de :DD
Fish, yes! it's super nice! in Penang, The cruise :D
Anne, trying to :D
Missyblurkit, hahaha thanks alot
Laura, thanks yea.and i love the style of the restaurant!