Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Awesome Tuition Gang

I'm super proud to tell that i have a gang of super awesome and weird tuition friends!

Just like other students, i spend most of my time in tuition classes after school in secondary. So its important to have crazy friends and hard working at the same time in tuition classes that will make your time in tuition goes real fun and nice for study, and i'm glad that i've found them. Although all are from different places and different school with different personalities, we still get along very well :).

especially this 4 girls that i heart most!
We knew each other and together since Form 1. Some of them quit and tried other tuition but they ended up back here with me!

 we had lots of outing together! this was steamboat gathering specially held to treat and thanks our teacher.

Which tuition teacher will be so good that always treat us domino pizza, prepare chocolate and sweets in class in case we are tired or sleepy, held BBQ specially for us to enjoy, buy cakes and some cookies for students? Yes, our tuition teacher did it all!

That's a funny little thing that my class did for teacher before Form 5 ended. I hope he still keep it well @.@

Had farewell with them last week since lots of us are leaving penang real soon to further our studies. I'm super happy that almost everyone manage to make themselves free and attend this farewell that night! Had dinner together and move on to my house to have chit chat. Very glad that i get to meet them back and catch up with them ;)

I sincerely hope that their  future will go smoothly and will have lots of great chances waiting them ahead. I hope that all of us still get to meet together again!
i you guys!


LauraLeia said...

I never knew tuition classes could be this fun, lol. XD

NatashaTing said...

awwwh, sweet. I never had tuition friends before cos i don't go to tuition. but it's nice seeing all my friends have friends from other schools. and THE THING IS, they get exam tips!! LOL


Unknown said...

that's really nice. when you've got a bunch of frens during tuition, it's not so stress..

nicccchang said...

tuition class is always more fun than school life!!! LOL. especially Im from girl school! =__=

GenYong said...

Wow tuition class farewell gathering right? hahaha! Hard to find such a tuition class just like a big family there! Good one... Fun!

Xue Ren said...

Last time I was like this too! So awesome to have such a bunch of good friends! :)

Henry Tan said...

hahaha never thought that tuition class also can have gathering! hahaa

Jensen said...

Hello Camy

Remember me? :) Nice to see that you're having so much fun at tuition. Hmmm it seems you like artistic people, those who are good at taking photos, writing poems, writing literature. Do you like music too?

Best Regards

Camy said...

Laura, teeeheeeeee. its always very fun :)
Natasha, aiya, shall have a try, errrrrrr about the exam tips. it true . ahahha
ef.ae, yea agreee. :)
niccchang, hahahaha go tuition see guys ha hek hek.
Genyong, farewell le :P thanks :D
XueRen, awesome rightttt? :D
Henry, teeheeee. yeng lehhh
Jensen, of course i do, but you never drop your link over here :(. hahahahah yup yup. my tuition class is super fun! err yes i love music too!