Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Work For It!

everyone have brilliant ideas in their mind, but to make it happen, we have to work for it.

"i wan to be a teacher! pilot! doctor! lawyer!"
i bet everyone used to say that at least once when we were young :P
so are you working for it now? or you have changed your mind?
ask yourself honestly, do you believe that what you think will come true?
for me, i strongly believe in that. it happened on me for quite some times :D
cause when you think of it, and dream of it.
there will be a strength or power that will motivate you to work hard for it.
sooner or later, you will achieve your dream.
please bear in mind that it only happen to those who are determined and patient for it and never give up.
chase for your dream!
it may takes time, maybe months or years.
but if you never give up, the possibilities for you to achieve is still very high!

p/s: my friend made the ballerina by using sweets wrapping paper. cool right?


Anonymous said...


bluedianthus said...

Dream High, Think Big, and you subconscious mind will believe it and work hard to achieve that for you.

L.Torres, RN said...

hey, i have a post QUITE related to this! check it out:

Aki said...

eh,I thought you are the one who make it.. he he he.. ^_^.v. Hm,Dream Big,Achieve High!! ^_^.v..

Unknown said...

Everything starts from a dream. What makes a difference is how we work toward achieving that XD

Happy walker said...


Unknown said...

good post, and most importantly, do not let dream-robber and dream-killer stop you from reaching your goals and realising your dreams! :D

LuPorTi said...

Wow. So many people are blogging about dream recently ya.

Unknown said...

oh sure I did read it, what makes you think I didn't? well good luck for 'working' towards SPM :)

Henry Tan said...

what's ur dream? =D

boey said...

everyone have brilliant ideas in their mind, but to make it happen, we have to work for it.
- Totally agree :)

Rolling Funbling Thug said...

Agree :D Dream high and never give up!

Camy said...

Anonymous, thanks :D
bluedianthus, excatly! but always never give up!
Lily, ahahaha! yeaa :D
Aki, no la. not me. xP.
Nana, yea, we have to work hard for it.
Mr Lonely, hii :D
Jamie, true, if they exist, kick them off!
LuPorTi, really? who/
Philip, thanks! you too!
boey, yea. are u working out for ur dream?
Rolling Fumbling Thug, yup!

Camy said...

henry Tan, my dream? to travel around the world and take awesome photographs :D

LuPorTi said...

Liki. I am going to blog about dream as well, and dream is also in my list that I am going to blog soon.

Camy said...

LuPorti! no prob! good luck!

寂寞的狮子 said...

wat's a nice reminder post o~
let's gambateh together~