Saturday, October 15, 2011

Down The Street

walking down the street in Penang Heritage Town.
old folks are all around. hardly can find teenagers or young people there.
numbers of thoughts came trough my mind.
wondering why are they still staying there..
wondering who was the great one that have the idea to build houses. let us, the younger generation have a comfortable place to stay, yet, there are still a lot of people that never appreciate what they are having right now.
a simple shop and a space to sleep are what they have in their simple life.
small business or trading done by them.
having daily needs is already more than enough for them.
life without air-con every night. without electricity nor lights.
no plasma TV, handphone, computer, mp3 nor PSP.
no comfortable bed nor bolster to hug but their life still going on well.
almost everyone have their own religion.
and they truly believe with their exist.
go to temple consistently and pray to God sincerely.
helping out there without asking for any repay.
get blessing from God
healthy and happiness are what they usually ask for.
usually their parents will arrange their partner for them.
yet they rarely go against it.
trust and loyal to their partner.
the love will grow, only after their marriage.
most of them even don't mind sharing a husband.
although it's just simple life, but they still enjoy their life to the fullest.
some still staying at the old house, just to preserve their culture.


Henry Tan said...

hoho! and that's uniquely penang! =D

GenYong said...

Wow... Georgetown is always so nice! I like the heritage there... Nice photos... =)

Isaac Tan said...

Hey, such nice photos. I love Penang XD

Nick Chan said...

Nice photo, I miss Penang so much. And I am a frequent visitor of town. =DD

Ken Wooi said...

nice pics.. penang is one of my favourite place in malaysia :)

Hilda Milda™ said...

You're really good in taking artistic shots, nice one! :D

LauraLeia said...

I haven't been to Penang for a long time! And I seriously love the 3rd pic in your post, hehe. :D

Nava Krishnan said...

great photos, looks really good.

Unknown said...

agreed, the photos are excellent.

N'Craft said...

camy, u took the photo by urself? its awesome!! hihi

Anonymous said...

OMG,i really wish that i can like you can shoot this type of photo... Awesome girlll

Anne Lee said...

agree with that. All the yound generations have went out to other state and left all the elderlies. but the traditions are well maintained.

michleong said...

Nice photos! It's been some time since I last visit Penang. Hope to go there soon ><

David said...

I love Penang~

Punk Chopsticks said...

Love the pictures!!! Penang is such an awesome place to live, I can't wait till I get to move there for college! (btw, those. pics. are. awesome xD) Do you take up photography clases?

Aki said...

your Pic is getting interesting each day Camy!! ^_^.v..

Mr.E said...

Hey Hey~ The last photo is where lai?? Please tell me > <

Aaric Goh said...

The amazing photos. =)Wow. Maybe in a month I will put your blog in my Twitter. Hope to help you and do help me too.

Camy said...

Henly:yup! :D
GenYong, yea! it's seems old but it's nice. thanks
issac, thanks! penang is awesome! xP
Nicholas, wow! cool! i stay quite far away from town that's why dun always go.
ken, thanks!
Hilda, ahaha! not really artistic la. xP
Laura, thanks alot! pay a visit here when u'r free!
Nava, thanks :D
rainyscream, yup! i took it myself! thanks :D
anonymous, thanks!
Anne, yup! left the olderies maintain :(
MichLeong, pay a visit when u'r free! :D
David, yeahhh. xP
Punk Chopsticks,woo! u'r coming penang? that's awesome! nope! thanks anyway :D
Aki, thanks! :D
Mr.E, it's all in penang :)
aaric, thanks alottttt

FeeQ said...

nice shot. Next time when u shoot, just be careful with the frame ya =)

Camy said...

Feeq, thanks alot! frame as in like? any example like what i shouldn't put in the picture or what?

FeeQ said...

Example is the last photo. U crop it too much. try to shoot landscape.
When u shoot something, create a little bit space between the subject (in the photo) + the border. If u crop it too much, the photo will look like cant breath.

Camy said...

Feeq, understand de. try to improve. thanks alot! :D. i'll try make it breath normally :)