Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Beautiful Moments

The only thing that will stay remain in us and in the flow of time is memories. :D

when things are over, those left are memories.
there are many ways that we can keep our memories.
diaries, blog, drawing, photography ..........
some people choose to forget their bad memories.
but no matter what, everyone will have their own ways to keep their memories.
as for me, blog is where i keep my memories and photos pause those awesome moments :D
so how about you?

Penang, the awesome place that full of my memories :)


Stephanie Ee said...

Ahhh... Nice picture ;)

Aki said...

whoa Camy,U capture this from where?? nice scenery..

LauraLeia said...

For a moment there I thought the photo was taken from Look Out Point. :) Never knew Penang night scenery is so beautiful too. <3

Happy walker said...

same too~ blog for memories~ XD

N/A said...

All I rmb about Penang is food! XD

Mr.E said...

I have spent minutes trying to figure out from where you took that shoot... hmmm... xD

Reanaclaire said...

Yes, I blog daily so that next time when i become grandmother, i will read back and laugh at what i have written!

Camy said...

Stephanie, xie xie ni :D
Aki, err. from friend's house
Laura, where is Look Out Point? Penang is always beautiful :D
Mr Lonely, *highfive*
Pennie, cause penang has awesome food :D
Mr.E, err from my friend's house ;D
Reanaclaire, that's cool ;D

geo said...

Memories are a part of our make up as a human being. we can not do away with them.

Wonderful photos...

Camy said...

geo, true true! thanks! :D

寂寞的狮子 said...

nice view~
for me, bad n nice memories i will keep both, diff is just the important learning during the memories period~
nice memories, keep the smile tat around u~
bad memories, keep the lesson, so u will nvr ever go make it wrong or recall again~