Friday, September 30, 2011

Stop and Stare

do you realise that the tiny flowers by the roadside are beautiful?
do you realise you stepped on a number of insects on the floor before?
do you stare at the sky and watch the clouds moving?
and do you realise most people tends to look at things only at their eyes level?


don't be lazy to turn your head 360degree and look around!
look at stuff with different angles.
or try going on the Ferris Wheel.
you will see a lots of different things.
and you will realise, you already missed countless wonderful things in the world.


change your point of view especially when something bad happen.
you will find that it's not that bad actually.


Aki said...

Camy.. dis one is the funfair at klang rite?? ho ho ho..

Nava Krishnan said...

beautiful words and thanks for sharing.

Mr.E said...

If I would keep counting the insect I step on while walking, I might not wanna walk anymore xD
Nicely said, we should learn to take our time to enjoy the beauty of everything in every angle, the important rule of photography hehe..

cutebun said...

I like!

Hilda Milda™ said...

Where is this ferris wheel at? Nice shot (:

GenYong said...

Wow the fun fair was so nice... Really stop and stare on it! =)

N'Craft said...

ferris wheel!!! long time didnt ride 'em. T-T

Rosamond Kim said...

These looks great! I love your perspective.

Xue Ren said...

I like ferris wheel too! :)

Camy said...

Aki, nope. it's in penang. :D
Nava, welcome :D
Mr.E, ahahahaha! it's not only important for photography, it's important for everything!
Cutebun, thanks!
Hilda, it's in penang, queensbay mall :D
genyong, thanks :D
rainyscream, get a chance to ride!
rosamond, thanks!
Xue Ren, they are cool :D

寂寞的狮子 said...

u realize it wor~
not bad~
do u hear b4 of tis sentence? "rest is the way to go longer"?
it's actually a same meaning~
stop and stare is to let us hav a view on backward for what hav me missed out, so we can use it n get a better life~
do rmb to hav a gud rest when u stop n stare, cz u will nid it for ur further journey~
go! go! gambateh~!