Tuesday, September 6, 2011

300th post!

bloggie oh bloggie!
you have been playing your role very well since i started using you!
you will be there with me.
let me speak out my thoughts.
let me share my about my life.
accompany me no matter ups and downs in my life.
Well done blog!
a kiss for you, blog! *muacks* xP
i won't delete you no matter what cause you are full of my memories. ;)


♥ missyanda said...

woah. so many post you have posted! XD

Kian Fai said...

senpai *salute* :P

LauraLeia said...

The tofus so cute! XD 300 is super a lot of posts! :O

GenYong said...

I thought you blogged long time ago! hahaha... Btw, congratulation on your blog reaching 300th post! Keep it up... update more ya! =)

ken said...

nice.. im at 296 now :)

Maple AKI あき δΊžη΄€ said...


*rainyscream* said...

wow, 300th.congratz.btw, the pic, so cute.. :D

Jiashinlee said...

so sweet :)

Camy said...

Missyanda, ahahahah. :D
Kian Fai, what is senpai?
Laura, ahaha! my friend's tofus! yea. cause like 3 years ago since now =X
GenYong, err. but i dun update very very often ma. thanks anyway.
Ken, feel more post! wooo!
Maple, rainyscream,jiashin, thanks!!!