Monday, September 26, 2011

Rock On

wooo~ after the 3 long long weeks. as if la spm already over. :X
left physics paper 1 on Wednesday, *which i don't see the point they separate it for 2 days. O.o.*
so it's consider my trials is over!!! *who cares about the paper 1 right??*
stayed up late everynight. trying to champ everything in my little brain within the very little time. not enough of sleep everyday. D:
well, that's what last minutes people will do as usual. =X, and will immediately forget what i've study right after the test end.
and for the result for staying up late, i vomited and got fever yesterday :X
always plan to study few weeks ago before exam, but oh great, the plan never works at all!!
yes, i get distracted easily.
SPM is getting very near. left 48days. and i'm not prepared at all. :X gosh gosh.
but don't worry, i definitely won't abandon my bloggie!!
stay tune ^^


Charmaine said...

Kanbate!! I was wondering how u knew I updated my blog though, cos I haven't shared it anywhere yet :)
Thanks for support!

PYee Ng said...

woopss... are you okay? o_O rest well after trials. :) dont stress yourself too much. hehe.

GenYong said...

I am sure you can do it well in SPM. hahaa! Same thing happened here, I am not prepared yet, seriously! hahaha. Anyway, good luck for the last paper on wednesday and take care as well!

Aki said...

Ho ho ho.. I like this cutie teddy.. err.. teddy?? look like tiger in the Winnie the Pooh.. :-p..

SPM?? naah,relax girl.. sure can do it.. I study each subject a day b4 the exam,and all those teacher were surprise to see my SPM result..

not that gud as other,but I managed to get all the subject credit.. the usual school exam?? 9G is my gred.. I never answer any quest even it is the trial.. Hahahah..

Only done it with my real SPM exam and managed to get 3A..the other were B and C.. ^_^.v..

So,be cool and don't forget your bloggie..

*this rule is only apply for Aki.. :-p

cutebun said...

Relax! Fill in all the blanks with reasonable answers and you wont fail. LOL

Mr Lonely said...

+u for SPM~

Mr.E said...

No worries~ You can want la~~ xD

Philip Khor said...

good luck!

Jamie Wong said...

good luck on spm :>

Anne Lee said...

all the best camy. you can do it.

Kelly said...

Take care of yourself. If you're not healthy, you will be distracted for sure! RELAX!!!

Pennie YenSun said...

Good luck for SPM! You can do it! ;)

Xue Ren said...

good luck in ur trial deary! :)

Camy said...

Charmaine, thanks! err. cause i clicked and immediately saw ur post! :D
Pyee, i'm alright now. thanks :D and i'm never stress. +X
Gen Yong, thanks thanks! all the best to you yea!
Aki, u'r addicted to teddy bear? ahaha! thanks. will try my best :D
cutebun, i did that! LOLLL :D

Mr Lonely, thanks! :D
Mr.E, i hope sooo.
philip, thanks!
anne, thanks! i hope i can!
Jamie, thankssss <3
Kelly, yes i'll take care of myself.
Pennie, thanks!
Xue ren, it's over deee