Monday, September 26, 2011

Rock On

wooo~ after the 3 long long weeks. as if la spm already over. :X
left physics paper 1 on Wednesday, *which i don't see the point they separate it for 2 days. O.o.*
so it's consider my trials is over!!! *who cares about the paper 1 right??*
stayed up late everynight. trying to champ everything in my little brain within the very little time. not enough of sleep everyday. D:
well, that's what last minutes people will do as usual. =X, and will immediately forget what i've study right after the test end.
and for the result for staying up late, i vomited and got fever yesterday :X
always plan to study few weeks ago before exam, but oh great, the plan never works at all!!
yes, i get distracted easily.
SPM is getting very near. left 48days. and i'm not prepared at all. :X gosh gosh.
but don't worry, i definitely won't abandon my bloggie!!
stay tune ^^


Charmaine Pua said...

Kanbate!! I was wondering how u knew I updated my blog though, cos I haven't shared it anywhere yet :)
Thanks for support!

PYee Ng said...

woopss... are you okay? o_O rest well after trials. :) dont stress yourself too much. hehe.

GenYong said...

I am sure you can do it well in SPM. hahaa! Same thing happened here, I am not prepared yet, seriously! hahaha. Anyway, good luck for the last paper on wednesday and take care as well!

Aki said...

Ho ho ho.. I like this cutie teddy.. err.. teddy?? look like tiger in the Winnie the Pooh.. :-p..

SPM?? naah,relax girl.. sure can do it.. I study each subject a day b4 the exam,and all those teacher were surprise to see my SPM result..

not that gud as other,but I managed to get all the subject credit.. the usual school exam?? 9G is my gred.. I never answer any quest even it is the trial.. Hahahah..

Only done it with my real SPM exam and managed to get 3A..the other were B and C.. ^_^.v..

So,be cool and don't forget your bloggie..

*this rule is only apply for Aki.. :-p

cutebun said...

Relax! Fill in all the blanks with reasonable answers and you wont fail. LOL

Happy walker said...

+u for SPM~

Mr.E said...

No worries~ You can want la~~ xD

Unknown said...

good luck!

Jamie Wong said...

good luck on spm :>

Anne Lee said...

all the best camy. you can do it.

Kelly said...

Take care of yourself. If you're not healthy, you will be distracted for sure! RELAX!!!

N/A said...

Good luck for SPM! You can do it! ;)

Xue Ren said...

good luck in ur trial deary! :)

Camy said...

Charmaine, thanks! err. cause i clicked and immediately saw ur post! :D
Pyee, i'm alright now. thanks :D and i'm never stress. +X
Gen Yong, thanks thanks! all the best to you yea!
Aki, u'r addicted to teddy bear? ahaha! thanks. will try my best :D
cutebun, i did that! LOLLL :D

Mr Lonely, thanks! :D
Mr.E, i hope sooo.
philip, thanks!
anne, thanks! i hope i can!
Jamie, thankssss <3
Kelly, yes i'll take care of myself.
Pennie, thanks!
Xue ren, it's over deee