Saturday, October 2, 2010


September end. its is October.
so fast.
2 more month then 2010 end de. =(
exam jux finished 1 month ago and 2 weeks more to my final D:
my last test's results drop T_T
everyone is asking me to start studying now.
bt i still on the holiday mood although ady pass 2 weeks. =X
i think i wont be tat active in blogging for tis month till my final end.
i'll still blog. bt juz lesser. not dun blog at all.
i promise. after my final i'll blog more =D.
i start to think wat topic to blog de xP
alot of interesting topic coming out. woo~ be patient kay xP

P/s: Ru Sern asked me to blog. so i juz crap la. hope u guys dun mind =)


Steven said...

boss then don't blog to often since exam... study more important =D

all the best

Unknown said...

if you have time, blog about me hahaha, good luck with studies,

Unknown said...

LOL october is a sad month for me . . . =)

John said...


Yvonne said...

good luckkkkk camy! :)

mistarJ said...

Study, study, study and study k... And good luck fr exams!


melmonica said...

Scary! I don't want 2010 to end T__T said...

good luck~ camy

Humanity Life said...

@Kian Fai - for me october is better what~

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Dont let exams ruin ur life. (but dont ruin ur exams oso lah)
All the best~

Unknown said...

@Humanity Life October for me lol, it means end of 2010 and need to do alot of summary and my birthday is end of october.

Camy said...

Steven, chehhhh

Mohd, Thxx =D

kian fai, y?? =(

John hmmm

Yvonne, thxx xP

RJ, LOL! thxxxx

Mel, sameeeee. i'll get older T_T

Blogtube. thx

Nicole. LOL!kay. xP