Saturday, October 30, 2010


*nice combination? =D*

yay? finally i'm here~ happy? *i know u do xD*
YES! its over!!!!!!! Finallyyyyy
after 2 weeks sleeping at 3am morning.
yes, I burn midnight oil.*as usual, the last min gurlz always do tat*
>i screwed my paper! wowww!!!!!!!!!
blame me for NEVER finish studying every subjects =S *i never finish to study all the chapters*
got tricked by friends in class just now that i failed my add maths. that's stupid =X
i miss my bloggie so much.
and yay! i will blog as much as possible when i'm free =D *i know you'r excited ^^*
tuition later, then prefect dinner.
the dinner is held if GI HOTEL, the most awesome and special hotel with awesome food and situation in Penang!!! *i bet you'll never find out where's that*


Lynnie said...

don't u think exam's the worst during form 4?

Ken Wooi said...

well you can enjoy now :)

Hilda Milda™ said...

happy merdeka for you then (:

Albert said...

Yea I know, it's by the Gurney Drive hahaha.... get a good result in exams lor :) Have fun

Cekotet said...

nice place .