Thursday, October 21, 2010

Exam Mood

i'm back. from so so long.
miss me? *i noe u do. xP*
i'm having my final now. its ady the 2nd day. *not suppose to be here. =X*
i have Sexy + Manly voice now! wooo~ cheer for me!!!!
i'm suffering from Flu + Cough + Sore Throat + Nose block.
Goshh. couldn't concentrate to study at all! T_T
Moral was sucks. they ask abt Form 2 SEJ! wthh... how i noe who's tat la... expect me to rmb?? NO WAY! and Sej do nth wif Moral....
and useless prinsip all. wa liaooo. T_T
great. i stuck in 1chap of sej for so long. >.<
gotta take a long long nap and pia tonight.
will be back after my final which is on 30 oct.
will check my chat box and comments after tat =)
stay tune kay


Unknown said...

LOL syok sendiri? of course miss eu lol

fzikuz said...

Sexy + Manly voice?
how's that sound *thinking* =D
anyway, good Luck!! and don't forget to take a good care of your health k! ^^

Wann said...

Good luck in your exam..and..get well soon =) jia you!

Anonymous said...

lucky yours has started. mine's on the 9th. with a piano diploma on the 8th. damnit

Ken Wooi said...

all the best :)

Chuen said...

aww..Good luck for your exam and get well soon! :)

bendan said...

Take care ya!! ^u^
All the best~*

MunJann said... made me crazy

Teh Tarik Drinker said...

all the best for your exams! said...

yea bez of luc!