Monday, October 4, 2010


to all PMR Candidates! All the best for tomoro yea ;P
tomoro is the BIG DAY for those who are taking PMR exam.
anyway. it reminds me of last year.
at tis time. i was studying lyk crazy.
try to squeeze in as much as i can.
i bet every skool will hv the PMR countdown thingy ryt?
when it come to 100 days left. i told myself "its okay. enjoy more and when 50days left time ne study"
then come to 50 days left. again i told myself "you should study bit by bit now"
and when 7 days left "shit la.. everyone ady finish repairing and i still din study anything"
and guess wat happened?
i studied the day before the test.
i'm not kidding kay. it juz me. the girl who likes to study last minutes.
then rush like wat ne.
and i still get straight A's!!!! *evil laughs*
to those who taking PMR, calm urself la. tis last minutes girl end up still pass ryt? MUAHAHA. bt its bad doing tat =X

P/s: i dun mean i'm smart. if i'm smart. i would had be in first class in my skool.


Unknown said...

lol I forgot u form what again > . < and ya last time I use to do something like that

bahyah said...

wishing you " All THE BEST " Camy...
go go chayok !!

bahyah said...

opsss...ingtkn u the one who tking PMR...hohoho..
anyws, congrate 4 get srait A's...:D

chris federick said...

Yea same, i like to study really last minute and still get A's haha.

Anonymous said...

SPM will be different =P study hard kay

SiMon Har said...

good luck!

MRX90210 said...

good luck and all the best!!;-P

mistarJ said...

hmmm... everyone wishes u good luck oredy so i don hv to wish u.

i know u can do it one... hee hee!


Lachmanasegran said...

haha..same ting here..last min studying works!
clicked ur ads..=D

Unknown said...

good luck also

Jamie Wong said...

camy good luck! all the best <3

Camy said...

Kian Fai, LOLLLLL. form 4 laaaa. tat's cool ryt?

Bahyah. LOLLLL!. thxx xP

Chris, last min nicer ma. LOL

anonymous. who r u?

Simon,Sandra,Rj,Mohd, Jamie : over de la =(

Lovefashion. ahaha. nice doin tat xP