Friday, June 19, 2009


Results coming out one by one~
now left BI... >.<
kindda hapi of my results *jump around*
so far no C yet! wee!!!! *pray hard my BI wont get C =.=*
maybe 2 u its bad.. still i'm happi wif it!!!!!!! *well.. who cares abt wat others think..*
hmmm~ the 1st week of skool okay okay lar...
as usual~~
bt lot of ppl lost their stuffs after tis holiday. including me T_T *i noe.. sounds weird.. bt its true >.<*
Hari koperasi coming soon~ planing 2 do jualan wif friends *come visit me on tat day kay =D*
sej n sivik folio hv 2 pass up next week.. *Die X_x*
due 2 the day they did pameran for sivik folio n i wasn't there for choir comp.. so i've 2 do it wif 2 other group members >.<
i gonna be blur again.. better chao 1st~

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