Friday, July 3, 2009

Hari Koperasi

finally i'm in the mood 2 blog again after so long~ =.=
i'm getting lazy 2 blog de..
sorry~ blame me =S
our skool held Cooperative Day tis year bt nt Canteen Day..
the different is Cooperative Day for our skool students ne.. no outsiders~ weird =.=
Hari Koperasi was boring.. >.<
bt get 2 spend time wif him *jumps around~ lalala~*
walk around wif him~ hang around wif him~ wee! xP
voice club sold sumthing on tat day~
the La-Ku wan~ mashmallow! nice man =D rm1 for 1!! cheep ryt? bt got ppl say exp.. !@#$%^&*

Mashpotato also veri nice=) rm1 for 2!!!
we started selling at 9.++ bt not until 10a.m we ady finish selling... cool ryt?
our profit not reali high.. =S. bt okay okay lar.. as long as we dun rugi is okay de =) saja play ne ma.. xP *guess we rugi for mashmallow*
abt 11.. my batt low de.. realli got no mood 2 walk around anymore =S
the day before i slept at 2a.m bcos of the stupid Sej Folio. manatau go 2 skool~ others say they gonna pass up on monday.. GHHH ~!@#$%^&*
abt 12.30p.m.. cabut earlier wif wei yi n cheryll for open troop meeting..
[[ food is back. chao~]]
Dolphin~ u'r the best! xP

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