Sunday, June 14, 2009

Last day of Holiday

my blog is so dead =S
blame me tat lazy 2 blog xP
well.. actually nth much 2 blog..
tis holidays is so so so boring~
2 weeks.. most of the time stay at home..
Online~ Finish watching Juz Love ii yesterday nitex~ Msging~ Tv~ Tat's useless >.<
at tat time.. reali wish 2 go 2 skool.. at least i got things 2 do..
bt comes 2 almost the end of the holidays... i reali wish tat holiday get 2 be longer..
the only point tat i wan 2 go skool is 2 meet my friends... hmmm......

skool gotta reopen in few more hours..
results coming out~ *tat's scary.. prays hard tat result got improve*
parents will start 2 nag : Camy! PMR Coming Soon! GO STUDY NOW!!! *actually the previous days ady started. juz dun care abt it. xP*

besides tat..
skool reopen de... cant sleep till 10 sumthing or 11 sumthing morning anymore. D=
almost everyday will yawn in the class de. =S
everyday will miss sleeping alot~
Camy Lives is 2:
2) EAT
how can she survive without Sleeping much??? Ghh~

Bye Queensbay~
no more hanging out wif friends n watch movies in the mall~ Owh No! =S *except special case XP*
Queensbay!!!! we'll miss u!!

Dun get 2 watch tv anytime i lyk!!!!
hv 2 attends activities in skool~ extra classes~ go ttn~ do homework~
still dunno holidays better or skool reopen better :-S

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