Monday, June 8, 2009

Night At The Museum 2

went QB wif Jodene n Nyee last friday..

me n jodene decided the day be4 when she juz reach penang from sing.. wow~
reach there abt 2 sumthing almost 3..
met up wif jodene n went to buy tickets..
7p.m movie.. all bcos of NYEE!! she was on the way back 2 penang from KL.. *jealous jealous. both of them get 2 travel =X*
walked around lyk stupid since Nyee said she'll be reaching abt 5 or 6.. Blame Nyee! *kidding*
went 2 MCD 2 gossip..
moved 2 Borders bcos MCD is 2 cold =S both of us were freezing there.. *Nyee. c how gud we r xP*
gossip till abt 5.. finally Nyee reach de..
hang around n went back 2 borders..
made sumone called us.. muahaha
the line was super duper blur...
n he screamed lyk a gurlz!!! owh no =S
well.. we sengaja waste his credit lar.. *evil laughs*
Jo's phone be the mangsa..
me n nyee keep on pass the phone.. N Jo was so scare tat we'll drop her phone.. owh pity her. xD
end up still she drop her phone went we wanna go out from the borders.. *nt our fault.. fuhhh*

Night At The Musuem 2
movie started at 7.10..
Nice n funny movie. LOL!

be4 goin home =)

Nyee looks so cute.. *pinch*

blur nyee.. blame her!

tis's my fault =S

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