Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sport's Day

2day is skool sport's day..
nth muchhh.. juz lyk normal sport's day.. go on quite welll..
errrrrr.. juz tat got sumthing funny happen on me =.=
when the time at guard house..
i was sitting at melyvn's bikee..
n guess wat.. the bike suddenly fall!
damn it.. imagize a bike fall on me! on a 41-43kg gurlz.. actually i fall wif the bike........... STUPID!
leg bone so damn pain man! now lebam de... >.<
n got few scretches also.. GHHH...
cant blame anyone actually..
bt 1 thing i dun understand abt myself...
i dunno y am i laughing even its veri veri pain n hurt when i fall............
now think back also feel kindda weird.... LOL
chao.. bye.. goin 2 clhs concert =P

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