Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Seek For The GF?? WOW!

i found sumthing FUNNY 2 share!!

if you dun understand nvm =)
i translate it for u.. xD

Seek For The Girlfriend Enlightens
I, Mr ..... , have the university educational level, Undertake the electronic technology analyst in the Motorola company, n do not have any bad habits (ex: do not smoke, gamble, drink wine). Wan 2 look for woman who hv under condition as friend, be friend first, after tat marry.
1) Age 23-33 years old
2) Have the university educational level
3) do not have any bad habits
ppl who interested, plz contact 01*-*******
its kindda funny..
bt i reali reali respect tat person man! *i guess i noe who he is*
he dare 2 put tis on the notice board..
don't scare tat ppl will kacao him or laugh at him...
reali reali veri veri brave!!!!

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