Friday, April 3, 2009


hi ppl~
F.Y.I. choral speakin comp.. my skool win nth.... =.=
we hd lot of FUN! expecially while waiting for the bus!
make fun of Kamal at the gate there.
he wanted 2 learn hokkien.
end up.. we make him blur... n teach him all kind of funny words! LOL! damn cute lar him... xP
tis whole week i suffered man! even gt scolded by my mom.. *dunno how she can c tat i was veri veri tired.. then luan tat i din sleep early or at least take a short nap in the afternoon.. >.<*
everyday stay back.. the earliest also 4.30p.m
suddenly got lot of hw.
folio sej hv 2 finish it up.
pity me man~~~~
big News!
NAJIB rules MALAYSIA start from now...
no comment abt it....... n nt gonna comment abt it.... lol?
on the 1st of April. which is April Fool.
i got fooled once... *omg.. so proud of myself wei.. ONCE only wei!!!!*
n i succeed 2 fool 1 person.. LOL *maybe he 2 trust me? xP*
owh yea...
on the same day..
beside choral speakin competition n april fool..
its my BAO BEI's BUFDAY!
its true kay! xD

tis is my Cute Nyee Bao Bei!
sry for the late wishes bao bei =S


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