Thursday, July 17, 2008

WoW~ No sTuDy DaY~

yEa RyT~
2dAy HoLe dAy~
i DiN sTuDy aT aLl~
WoW~ WoNdErFuL~
HeK hEk...
LuCkY mE HuH...
mOrNiNg~ tEaChEr gT MeEtIn~ sO Hv 2 JaGa KeLaS.. n i JaGa 1 eLiT~
i Go iN 2 1 eLiT n gOsSiP WiF SoNiA, MiA n NiLaShA UnTiL i LaZy dE BaLiK cLaSs...
aFtEr tAt~ wEnT iN 2 Da cLaSs... Pn.ZuRiNa TeAcHiN~ ToT i gOtTa sTuDy bT ThEy aSk mE y DiN gO SkOoL HaLl 4 dA 'RaP tAi' 4 HaRi AnUgErAh~ ThEn i wAs LyK 'HAR?! oWh~'...
wEe~ i Gt 2 EsCaPe mY Bm~ Hek hEk
tHeN mAh bLuR bLuR Go dOwN LoR... n SaW LoT oF PpL aDy At tHeRe~
aFtEr TaT SeE tHeY wEnT iN 2 Da HaLl mAh FoLo tHem LoR~ ThEn sAw WeNg SiM n JoDeNe... n gO SiT WiF tHeM~
SaMaNtHa n hEr GaNg SiT BeHiNd mE~ tHeN tHeY BuAt LaWaK tHeRe~
aFtEr a wHiLe i tUrN BaCk~ oWh gOsH! aMaNdA TaKe oUt 1 Hp n Gv iT 2 a MaLaY gUrLz... i gT sHoCkEd n eVeRyOnE iS LyK lOoKiN at mE n StArTeD 2 LaUgH... >.< color="#ffff33">ReaArAnGe uS WiF oUr PoSiTiOn...
aBt 10.20a.m... tEaChEr LeT aLl oF uS Go oUt n Hv oUr BrEaKfAsT...
n TaT TiMe wAs rAiNiNg hEaViLy~
aFtEr ReCeSs~ wE CoNtInUe oUt 'rAp tAi' UnTiL aBt 12.20p.m...
i WaS bLuR n gO BaCk cLaSs PaCk mY BaG... ToT hViN MoRaL n Hv 2 Go 2 FiTrAh MaH~ MaNaTaU wHeN wAnNa PaSt Up mY aRt TiMe~ gO 2 Da LiBrArY n MeT SuLiAnI...
CaMy : SuLiAnI~ CoMe oUt 4 a wHiLe
SuLiAnI : *CoMe oUt*
CaMy : BoLeH ToLoNg SaYa PaSt Up Ni BaGi CiKgU HaNnE Ke???
SuLiAnI : OkAy~ wHeRe u WaN 2 Go??? y U TaKe uR BaG???
CaMy : Go MoRaL cLaSs LaR...
SuLiAnI : NoW hViN SeNi LaR!!!
CaMy : WaT?! HvIn SeNi?! *WaLk bAcK 2 cLaSs n PuT BaG*
gO BaCk TiMe... TaKe oUt ShOeS n SoCkS n pRePaRe 2 Go In LiBrArY dE... MaNaTaU FiNiSh SeNi dE...
y aM i So bLuR!!!!
tHeN wEnT 2 MoRaL cLaSs dE... n TeAcHeR aBsEnT hErE~ pLaY cHiLdIsH GaMe WiF JeNaI n MiChElLe In dA cLaSs 4 2 PeRiOd iN cLaSs~
tHeN BaLiK RuMaH~
aS CoNcLuSiOn~
2dAy DiN sTuDy aT aLl~ wEe~


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