Sunday, July 13, 2008

qB AgAiN~ wEe~ xDD

i WeNt 2 Qb AgAiN...
TiS TiMe iS 2 CeLeBrAtE wEi Yi a.k.a mY dArLiNg a.k.a mY NaUgHtY JiE jIe BuFdAy~
GaIk SiM's MoM fEtCh mE tHeRe aBt 12p.m... i Hv 2 TuMpAnG PpL's CaR bCoS mY MoM dUn LeT mE gO UnLeSs gT PpL FeTcH... =.=
rEaCh ThErE dE... wE wEnT 2 DiGi sHoP 1sT... bCoS gAiK SiM wAnNa ReLoAd... tHeN wEnT 2 dA ToP fLoOr 2 MEeT uP sWeE HoN n De oThErS... bT MaNaTaU tHeY wErE JuZ RiGhT BeLoW uS... =.=
wEnT DoWn n MeEt wEi Yi dA BuFdAY gUrLz, CaRyN n JoShUa... oWh GoSh... wEi Yi gO sTrAiGHTeN hEr hAiR LeH... bT iTs 4 ToDaY MiA LaR... ShE iS sO pReTtY LeR~
oF CuZ sHe iS pReTtY~ ShE's aLwAys PrEtTy MiA LaR...
aFtEr TaT... wE wEnT 2 Da tOiLeT bCoS gAiK SiM n CaRyN wAnNa MaKe-uP...
wEnT iN 2 dA tOiLeT~ wEi Yi sTrAiGhT tAkE HeR MaKe-uP tHiNg n HeLp tHeM MaKe-uP dE~ n aFtEr ThAt sWeE HoN aLsO MaKe-uP...
ThEy sEe i aM dA OnLy 1 DiN MaKe-uP n PaKsA mE 2 MaKe-uP WiF tHeM!!! aRg!!!!! I HATE MAKE-UP!!! bT wAt 2 Do... wEi Yi sAiD ShE aDy BoOk mE 4 YeStErDaY!! n i DiD pRoMiSe HeR~So i Hv 2 LiStEn 2 HeR... n ShE aLsO nOe i DUN Lyk dE mAh So sHe PuT a FeW 4 mE n VeRI vErI LiGhT MiA wHiTe eYeS ShAdOw 4 mE...
tHeY aS UsUaL LaR... tHeY vAiN iN dA tOiLeT~

mE n CaRyN~

mE CaRyN n dA BuFdAy gUrLz wEi yi~

tAt's Y I WAN A CAMERA!!! oWh yA... iN Qb i SaW tHeY gT pRoMoTiOn!!! 8 MeGaPiXeR MiA CaMeRa OnLi RM199 NiA~ WoW!!! So cHeAp!!! i wAN!!! aNyOnE BuY 4 mE!!! pLzZz... i CaN sUrE TaT mY PaReNts WoNt bUy 4 mE MiA LaR...
tHeN wE Went 2 SaKaE sHuSi~ eAt a BiT NiA... bCoS LtR sUmMoRe hV 2 Go PiZzA 4 LuNcH~

CaRyN~ sWeE HoN~ mE~ wEi Yi

mE n mY dArLiNg~

aFtEr TaT... wE sTrAiGhT wEnT 2 PiZzA 2 BoOk pLaCe~ iN fRoNt oF oUr LiNe iS FoRm 1 MiA JaMbUlIaNs NaMe RuBeN lAi~ tHEn NaTeLiE, DeXtOr, bOo YeOnG n ShAmI aLsO CaMe 2 CeLeBrAtE 4 wEi Yi~
wE BoOkEd aDy ThEn SuM oF uS FoLo wEi yi WeNt 2 NiCii ShoP 2 Gt hEr BuFdAy pReSeNt froM JoShUa~ iTs a sHiRt... n RuShEd bAcK 2 PiZzA~
rEaChEd PiZzA~ wEi Yi'S MoM aDy at ThErE... WiF a Cake... HeR MoM rEaLi saYaNg HeR n CeLeBrAtE HeR BuFdAy WiF uS aT PiZzA~

LeNg lUiS~

lEnG lUiS n LeNg zAi~

tHeN mE, CaRyN n MeReDy WeNt 2 PoPuLaR 2 BuY sUmThinG a wHiLe n wEnT 2 BeAcH wIf SwEe HoN 2 MeEt dA oThErS LoR... sEe We So kUaI~ CoMe Qb aLsO bUy BoOkS~
wE vAiN aT ThErE 4 a wHiLe tHeN wE WenT BaCk Qb~
uS AgAiN~

aT dA SeAsIdE~

HeK hEk~



tHeN... tHeY DiCiDeD 2 Go T.G.I FrIdAy pUb ThErE~ n we vAiN AgAin...

sWeE HoN~

CoMe oUt dE... LeFt mE , SwEe HoN , wEi Yi n ShAmI oNlI... n wE DiCiDeD 2 WaTcH a MoViE... wE NoE iTs LaTe dE... bT wE Hv nTh 2 Do MaH... xDD
mE. sWeE HoN. wEi Yi. sHaMi~

wE WaTcH JoUrNeY 2 De CeNtEr 2 dE EaRtH~

JoUrNeY 2 dE CeNtEr Or ThE eArTh~

iTs SuPeR-DuPeR NiCe MaN~ ... iTs So 'QI GEK'~ cOoL MaN~ n MaKe mE sWtInG tHeRe... HaHax... we So CoLd iN dA CiNeMa LeR... LuCkIlY i BrIng My JaCkEt!
aFtEr TaT aBt 7.30p.m dE... wE WeNt BaCk HoMe LoR... n wEi Yi's DaD FeTcH mE BaCk~
bE4 BaLiK RuMaH~

i LoOk SO bLuR =.=

iTs a NiCe dAy~ n HaPi WiF iT...


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