Wednesday, July 16, 2008

oRaL n LiSaN~

oRaL n LiSaN FiNaLlY FiNiSh dE LoR~
n yEsTeRdAy FiNiSh BoTh oF tHeM...
i fEeL sO NeRvOuS WhEn tEaChEr CaLl mY NaMe n dA TiMe i sTaNdIn In fRoNt oF aLl mY cLaSsMeTeS~
i gUeSs eVeRyOnE aLsO WiLl FeEl nErVoUs WhEn tHey dOiN tHeIr oRaL oR LiSaN tOo... nT OnLi mE~
i DiD aBt "CaRa-cArA MeNgAtAsI MaSaLaH pEnYaLaHgUnAaN DaDaH" 4 mY LiSaN.. LiSaN tEaChEr LeT uS rEaD... nO nEeD rMb It~ So gUd LeR~
tHeN 4 oRaL... i Do WiF jEnAi n MiChElLE~ oRaL tEaChEr Dun LeT uS 2 rEaD... So wE Hv 2 RmB iT LoR... wHeN wE DoIn oRaL~ wE KeEp sTuCkIn tHeRe... n TaKe uP dA NoTe n SeE HaHax... bT DuN cArE LaR.. FiNiSh iT uP tHeN EnOuGh dE~
oWh yA~
4 oRaL~ wE DiD dA SyNoPsIs oF HaRrY pOtTeR~ xDDD
TaTs aLl NoW~


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