Sunday, July 20, 2008

HaRi AnUgErAh cEmErLaNg

aCtUaLlY i pRoMiSe 2 PoSt iT YeStErDaY bT i DiN pOsT iT... bCoS YeStErDaY wAs VeRi TiReD n No TiMe 4 mE 2 oN9~
sRy yA~
mY SkOoL HaRi AnUgErAh cEmErLaNg wAs HeLd iN DeWaN KuRnIa-U iN UsM~
mOrNiNg i WeNt 2 TaT HaLl qUiTe LaR LaTe LeR... aCtUaLlY bE4 7a.m hV 2 ReAcH SkOoL bT i LaTe AbT 5-10MiNuTeS... 7a.m?! 2 eArLy Le bAh...
bT AnYwAy~ TeAcHeR sTiLl DiN sTaRt Da WaRm uP yEt~

cHoIr = oMgOsH~ dA rEaL PeRfOrMaNcE iTs wEiRd LeR... bCoS SuM sTuDeNt(iNcLeDeD mE) DiN nOe TaT sTaRt De~ bCoS wE wEnT iN dA sTaIrS n wE DiN nOe~ No 1 TeLl uS... tHeN i rAsA PeLiK dE... tHeN Go dOwN n SeE MosT Of ThEm aDy On dA sTaGe~ gOnNa sTaRt dE~N i Go uP aLoNe~ So wEiRd~ ThEn aFtEr TaT... Da SoLo-iStS sInG TiLl 2 sLoW n CaNt CaTcH-Up... So MaLu jEr~

cHoRoL sPeAkInG = aFtEr mE, wEnG SiM n aNoThEr MaLaY gUrLz TaKe oUr AkAdEmIc pRiCe~ wE RuSh tHeRe~ bT WeNg SiM LoSt hErSeLf n ShE sAiD sHe Go TaKe PiCtUrE~ sO... sHe DiN pErFoRm LeR~ 2 bAd...aNyWaY~ TeAcHer sAiD wE DiD wElL... wEe~ pRoUd oF iT... [TiS sHoW TaT wE OnLy SeRiOuS wHeN iMpOrTaNt TiMe~ HaHax... tEaChER DuN gT aNgRy yA~]

AkAdEmIk pRiCe = i Gt 3rD iN cLaSs n gT Rm10 vOuChEr... hMm~ OkAy laR... i HeArD tAt ThEy sAy eRiC gT Rm100 SuMtHiNg LeR... cOoL mAn~

i ToOk LoT oF PiC tHeRe~
WiLl pUt HeRe SuM~

sHe iS bLuR~

mE n yOlAnDe~

cHoRoL sPeAkErS~

sPoT mE???

cHoIr So eMo~

sHe mEmAnG NaUgHtY MiA LaR..

mE n mY nAuGhTy JiE jIe~

eRiC~ dA PuTeRa iN SmKbJ~

mE n mY sMaRt JiE jIe~ ^^

TiS iS mY CuTiE JiE jIe~


zHu QiNg = sMaRt gUrLz...

sHhHh~ DuN TeLl aNyOnE i TaKe TiS yA~ gUeSs u nOe WhO iSiT rYt???

mE~ n wEi Yi aLsO vAiNiNg ThErE... xDD

aRtHuR~ a CuTe gUy bT He's aNnOyIn MaN~

TiS sHoW TaT FoRm 5 gUy sTiLl cHiLdiSh~ xDD

mE n aFiNa~

hEy aFiNa~ DuN bE sO BaD yA~

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