Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Barista @ Vistana Hotel, Penang

#cotd dressed up for food review! :)

Vistana Hotel, which is located at Bukit Jambul, Penang went through a complete facelift, promising a brand new experience to its guests. 

One of the new upgraded facility at Vistana Hotel is Barista - the grab and go coffee bar. The small kiosk is located near to the main entrance, on the left of the hotel lobby. It provides 24/7 service, in other words, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are sofa, two TVs and computers with Internet access in two spaces - HUB 247, in front of the coffee bar. 

Most of us thinks that Barista in a hotel usually provides services only for their in-house guests. Guess what? Publics are allowed to enjoy the services provided by Barista at Vistana Hotel Penang too! Since it provides 24/7 service, you can consider to drop by at the Barista to have a cup of hot chocolate if you have sleepless night. 

Crave for local food? They have Nasi Lemak which is at RM10. 
The packaging is designed for takeaways. It's suitable for those rushing to work or to school.
The Nasi Lemak comes with a rendang drumstick, rendang gravy, cucumber, eggs and peanuts. I like the rendang gravy, but it's slightly more spicy than I expected and the rice was a little too dry and hard for me.

However, you can also go for Local 2Go set meals(RM13) which includes :-
-Nasi Lemak or Mee Siam,
-Curry Puff,
-Coffee, Tea or Juice

Another option for you if you don't feel like taking rice in the morning, Mee Siam. Spot the 3 big prawns on top? They are bouncy and it's definitely a good combination between the big prawns with Mee Siam and julienned egg.

I love the curry puff too!

Prefer to go for something light and healthy? Healthy 2Go set is the one!

Healthy 2Go set(RM13) includes :-
-Yogood Energy Bar
- Fruit of the Day
- Danish Pastry
- Choice of Yogurt
- Coffee, Tea or Juice

There are 5 types of Sandwiches that are priced at RM11 available as well.

Egg Mayo - Wholemeal bread, egg salad, lettuce
Roman Chicken Caesar - Wholemeal bread, grilled chicken, cheese, lettuce, ceaser dressing
Creamy Tuna - Croissant, tuna, lettuce, mayonnaise
Classic Corned Beef - Ciabatta bread, corned beef, rocket, lettuce, gherkins, mayonnaise
Crunchy Wrap (Vegetarian) - Flour tortilla, mixed lettuce, beans, bell peppers, carrot, avocado

My favorite is the Classic Corned Beef. The corned beef wasn't dry, and the ingredients mixed well for my liking.

You can find 4 types of Salads at the Barista too!

Mixed Green Salad(RM10)
Thai Papaya Salad(RM10) – Prawns, lime, chilli
Soba Noodle Salad(RM10) – Seaweed, sesame soy dressing
Rojak Buah(RM8)

I personally like the Rojak Buah which includes varieties of tropical fruits such as Starfruit, Water Apple, Apple Guava and Pineapple.

Their Signature Crushes (RM11), from left Vibes, Verve and Value
Vibes - Watermelon, Lychee, Orange
Verve - Tropical Mix, Mango, Banana
Value - Apple, Lychee, Lime, Carrot, Cucumber 

I was given Value. It taste sweet and slightly sour, most girls will surely like this. Besides, the drinks are healthy too!

Smoothies (RM10) Mixed Berries, Banana, Mix and Match

Vanilla Frappe(RM10) on the left while Chocolate Frappe(RM10) on the right

Caramel Latte (RM10)

Espresso (RM6)

Cabernet Sauvignon (RM18 per glass/ RM80 per bottle)

Lastly, besides coffee, tea or juice, you can find alcoholic drinks there too. 
Beers - Carlsbery(RM13) / Asahi(RM15)
Red Wine - Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot (RM18 per glass/ RM 80 per bottle)
White Wine - Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay (RM18 per glass/ RM 80 per bottle)

 Hello my long lost friend, Shelyn ;)

group photo. :D

Barista @ Vistana Hotel Penang
Address: 213 Jalan Bukit Gambir, 11950 Bukit Jambul, Penang.
Contact: 604-646 8000
GPS: 5.336398, 100.291517
Wifi available

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Your outfit is super cute!!
All the food there looks so delicious! I want to have those drinks hehe!


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